Saints Nation: Tulane Coming Up Huge for the Saints

Saints Nation: Tulane Coming Up Huge for the Saints


Saints Nation: Tulane Coming Up Huge for the Saints


The NFL Lockout has been a challenging situation for all NFL players and teams. All players are getting creative trying to find ways they can keep their fitness level without access to the team facilities. While not all of the Saints’ roster is practicing over at Tulane, the school deserves a huge hand and credit for the help they’ve given the Saints players. When it comes to our beloved Who Dats, our local school is doing their part in making sure they stay on schedule during these tumultuous times.

I came across a terrific article that discusses the union between Tulane and the Saints players that’s definitely worth the read. Check it out by CLICKING HERE.

Not only are the Saints taking advantage of the facilities, they’re also benefiting from…

the presence of Tulane coaches and personal trainers in an effort to help give some shape and direction to these practices. If anything, I think this is a terrific opportunity for our local coaches to be able to work with the best athletes in the country, and while Tulane’s staff can’t hold a candle to Sean Payton’s, the players still get to benefit from working with excellent football minds that hopefully give them another fresh perspective on the game.

The way I see it, this collaboration is helping the Saints get an advantage over their competition. While we’re in uncertain times, sooner or later the NFL will be back on schedule. The lockout may delay the start of the season, but eventually a deal will be in place. When that day comes, the players that waited around for things to happen will be struggling with a makeshift season, while the players that organized themselves best given the situation they were in will be best set up to succeed. I believe the Saints are in that latter category. Down the road we’ll all be able to witness the advantage this partnership will give the team. The camaraderie and continuity they are currently building is something that most squads aren’t doing. From what I’ve been hearing, only the Atlanta Falcons (as luck would have it) have been able to put up the kind of numbers the Saints have at practice in terms of player turnout. I’m not sure who the Falcons are relying on to manage and direct their informal practices, but my guess is it’s probably not as extensive or impressive as what the Saints have. Regardless, no other group of players in the NFL is benefiting from this kind of situation like the Saints players are. Quite simply, they’re making the most of a poorly dealt hand. Again, Tulane’s staff, the university and the athletic department all deserve a huge amount of credit for helping the Saints players weather this lockout storm. And that’s why New Orleans is the best place to play pro football as a player. When you’re in a jam, your fans and local ties will step up to support you.


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