A look at the Point Guards

A look at the Point Guards

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A look at the Point Guards


1I seem to be running a lot of themed style writings, setting up my summer work for you guys.  This theme is going to break down position by position. I first start with the point guard and work my way to the center.  We have a long off-season and will have plenty of time to dissect this roster and their potential moves.

Like most teams in the league, the point guard position on the Boston Celtics is filled for a long time.  Rajon Rondo’s contract will keep him in green for another four years making Boston an unattractive destination for young guards.  As seen around the league, teams are developing more into a two point guard system, often running one point guard at the shooting guard position, never more evident than in this years NBA Finals.

How will the Celtics build upon their guard depth?  The first player that will play a large role will be Avery Bradley, going into his sophomore season with Boston.  Avery didn’t see much playing time last year in the pros due to the quality of the roster.   He spent the majority of his year in the D-League where he put up encouraging numbers.  The organization is very big on Bradley, as Danny has been quoted that if Bradley stayed in college one more year, he could have been a top 5 draft pick.  However, this could all be hype for trading. 

Delonte West would be another great option for the back up role for Rajon Rondo.   Delonte will come at a cheap price due to his off court issues and personal problems, but when he is on the court he is very effective and comes with a ton of experience.   Having played far into the NCAA tournament and 54 playoff games under his belt, Delonte would be suited for a veteran team, but if Boston is looking to move younger this may not be the option for them.  I personally hope Delonte makes it back next year; he was a good fit and felt comfortable. 

I will skip over the filler options, the veterans to round the roster out.  Guys like Carlos Arroyo, Stephon Marbury, Eddie House or Sam Cassell.  Boston relatively has young guards to push the tempo, so seeing what Danny Ainge does with the 25th pick in the draft will be interesting.  The way he is hyping Avery Bradley tells me that he may move the Longhorn or really likes him, in which case he could trade this draft pick. 

If the Celtics keep the draft pick, a lot of talk is circulating about Reggie Jackson.  Rumors have it that Danny Ainge has guaranteed to select him if he is available at the 25th pick, but when has Ainge openly said what he was going to do (outside of saying he would take Durant over Oden if he got the first pick).  It is tough to read into these rumors, although Danny Ainge did attend plenty of BC games to have done his homework.  Jackson has a wide wingspan, which has become a valuable asset at the guard position (see Rajon Rondo).  Jackson has the same body style of Rondo, but can shoot the ball better.  It is easy to see why Danny likes him so much.

Other options at point guards in this years draft are William Buford out of Ohio State, a taller guard who can play more of a combo guard, needs to improve his ball handling.  Shelvin Mack is another guard who might be around, from Butler is being compared to Ben Gordon, more of a SG.   Also Cory Joseph could be available for Boston, out of Texas, who might be the least NBA ready out of all the point guards.  Of course if any of the big names fall, Danny will probably scoop them up, such as Kemba, Jimmer, Knight or Nolan Smith.  

I think the best option to go would keep the 3 guards you have on hand.  I really like Avery Bradley’s defense, which is what Boston prides itself on.  Delonte West tries harder at all times on the court, he will never take a play off.  Boston should secure a veteran to round out the point guards, although I would rather see them focus elsewhere on the roster.  

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