Clunk! See-Saw Game Ends with Revs Dumped by Red Bulls

Clunk! See-Saw Game Ends with Revs Dumped by Red Bulls


Clunk! See-Saw Game Ends with Revs Dumped by Red Bulls


The New York Red Bulls certainly gave the New England Revolution the opportunity to hope. One team executed in their offensive half of the field and the other didn’t. The Revs scored more goals than Red Bull, but also had a penalty kick saved and one of the goals we scored was an own goal. Ugh. Again.

Shalrie Joseph


Both teams liked their chances early. New England had a ball tantalizingly bounce, bounce, bounce across the goal mouth – no clean up for a goal. Lekic was pulled down on a run straight up the middle for that PK. Shalrie didn’t quite do enough on his shot and Sutton came up with the save – no goal. Within three minutes a NYRB cross came into Thierry Henry right in front of our goal. Ryan Cochrane arrived late and may have attempted to pass back to Alston? Or it bounced off him way too hard for anyone to handle and the Red Bulls went up 1-0. Henry also showed why he is well paid and well known with some quality for their second – turning Cochrane away then slamming a left footed shot inside the far post. Two goals for the team from New Jersey.

Zak Boggs trap and volley for a goal that was a relief and brought the Revs back in the match. Tierney and Boggs have lately provided threatening crosses from the wings and it was nice to see them both contribute to this goal. This goal is the reason that I will hold back the adjective “hapless.” We finally scored from the run of play. Our next two opponents are Toronto and Chicago, two teams who may be struggling more than New England. If we don’t earn a minimum of four points out of those two games then I will call my Revolution hapless.

Another game gone by with no points earned. This Red Bull defense is vulnerable while Tim Ream and Rafa Marquez are gone. NYRB has to score goals to take pressure off their defense, luckily for them they seem to have an offense. The story for the Revs hasn’t changed, though, we cannot muster the offense to take a lead.

We need a more complete game in the attacking end. No more shots that dribble across the goal while no one crashes in looking to clean up. No more penalty kicks that don’t go in. Yes, please, more crosses to open guys at the back post. Yes, please, more spacing as we crash their goal – look for rebounds! Keep testing the keepers, we have to take shots to earn goals.

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