Fenway DVD Contest - Guess Wake's Pitch Total

Fenway DVD Contest - Guess Wake's Pitch Total

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Fenway DVD Contest - Guess Wake's Pitch Total


I’ll be giving away one 6 DVD set of The Essential Games of Fenway Park during each of the next three games against the Rays.  To win the first DVD set, correctly guess the total number of pitches for Tim Wakefield against the Rays for Tuesday, June 14th.  Put your answer in the comments section below.  The first person with the correct pick wins.  You can only guess once and must get your comment in before the game starts.  


The games included in the set are: Sept 30 1967 vs Min, 1975 World Series Game 6, Clemens’ 20 K Game, 1999 All-Star Game, 1999 ACLS Game 3 vs the Yanks, and April 22, 2007 vs the Yanks (4 consecutive home run game).  There are also bonus features like “the steal,” Papi’s ALCS walk-offs, and the last inning of Buchholz’s no-no, along with many more.  This is something you are going to want to have in your collection and would make a great Father’s Day gift.

Good Luck!  If you don’t win on Tuesday there will be more chances on Wednesday and Thursday.

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