Game Recap 6/12/11: Doubled Up - Royals 9, Angels 0

Game Recap 6/12/11: Doubled Up - Royals 9, Angels 0

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Game Recap 6/12/11: Doubled Up - Royals 9, Angels 0


So much for that offensive progress, eh?

The Angels put on a clinic today in how horrible situational hitting.  Despite facing the infamous Vin Mazzaro, the Angels managed to hit into five doubleplays in the first six innings.

Good gravy.

Royals 9, Angels 0

There was certainly some bad luck involved in some of those GIDPs, but five doubleplays is still five doubleplays.  After a game like this, one can’t help but point the finger at hitting coach Mickey Hatcher.  I’ve tried deflecting blame away from him before, but there is no avoiding it now.  This kind of ineptitude with runners on base has become a systemic problem and I don’t see it is going to change in the current atmosphere.

Maybe a new voice can’t do anything to change the hitters’ approach, but what do the Angels have to lose at this point?

Game Notes:

  • I should’ve known better than to expect a decent performance from Chatwood.  He seems mired in this pattern of alternating good starts with bad ones.  Even with as poor as he pitched though, he did still show signs of progress with his five strikeouts.  Let’s not forget how young he is and that he still has so much to learn.  Wait, don’t I say that after every one of his crappy starts?  Darn.
  • Though I still hold out hope for the Halos turning things around, this loss knocks them down to 15-20 at home.  If there is one commonality amongst bad teams throughout the years it is that they aren’t all that good at home and the Angels certainly qualify there.  Then again, they are still a .500 road team which sort of contradicts the home team badness theory.
  • I never thought I would say this, but at least we won’t have to face the Royals again.  KC wins the season series 3-7, but these two squads are done until next year, mercifully.  By the way, getting owned by a bad team definitely supports the home team badness theory.

Halo A-Hole

Mickey Hatcher

I tried having your back, Mick.  Not anymore though.

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