Halo Headlines - 6/13/11

Halo Headlines - 6/13/11

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Halo Headlines - 6/13/11


Daily Links for the LA Angels including Callaspo only day-to-day with his hamstring injury, Jepsen demoted in favor of Romine, Scioscia and Hunter try to rally the troops and much more…

The Story: Alberto Callaspo is day-to-day with a hamstring injury.

The Monkey Says: Well, that’s good news, for now anyway.  Hamstring injuries can be tricky, but if he manages to avoid the disabled list, the Halos might have finally got a bit of a break with an injury for a change.

The Story: The Angels called up Andrew Romine and demoted Kevin Jepsen.

The Monkey Says: Romine is just being called up to provide depth with Callaspo injured since Amarista isn’t eligible to be recalled yet.  As for Jepsen, it is clear that he has fallen well out of favor and one has to wonder if he will ever be back up again.

The Story: Scioscia and Hunter try and rally the veterans to lead the team out of the downward spiral.

The Monkey Says: Is Hunter even allowed to call himself out?  How does that work?  Does he just stand in front of a mirror and give himself a disappointing look?

The Story: Tim Brown details the lack of joy in the Angel clubhouse.

The Monkey Says: Great piece by a great writer.  So great, in fact, that I am depressed just from reading it.

The Story: The Angel pitching staff is focusing on not overcompensating for the lack of run support.

The Monkey Says: I don’t see how they can avoid it really.  It has reached a point where the instant the Angels fall behind, we all assume the game is over, and I am pretty sure that the pitchers think that along with the fans.

The Story: Ten Angels that you can’t blame for the team’s ongoing struggles.

The Monkey Says: Wow, I can’t believe they were able to come up with ten.

The Story: What about Russell Branyan?

The Monkey Says: The Angels probably could stand to give Branyan more at-bats, but his slow start didn’t exactly endear him to Sosh.  Still, guys like Branyan are very streaky, so Scioscia would be smart to give him a start or two at least each week to keep him fresh and to see if one of those hot streaks is about to start.

The Story: Mike Scioscia sounds as if he has given up on Scott Kazmir, finally.

The Monkey Says: It is about time, the rest of us came to that conclusion during Spring Training.

The Story: Grading the Southern California general managers.

The Monkey Says: SPOILER ALERT- Reagins doesn’t grade out well.  However, saying that the Hunter signing and not the Haren trade is Tony’s best deal is just plain dumb.

The Story: John Sickels gives a quick rundown of the Angel draft.

The Monkey Says: Funny that Sickels says the focus is on “upside over polish” despite so many college selections which I had presumed was a strategy aimed at collecting more polished and finished products.

The Story: Mistaken identity leads to a fan spending a game with Arte Moreno.

The Monkey Says: Wow, great story and and what a great guy is Moreno?  How many owners would really hang with the fan all game long and not just give him a quick handshake and an escort to his real seat?

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