2010 Bucs Lookback- McCoy, Gerald

2010 Bucs Lookback- McCoy, Gerald

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2010 Bucs Lookback- McCoy, Gerald


Gerald McCoy didn’t set the world on fire his rookie year, but neither did Warren Sapp. McCoy did turn the switch on at the end though, before being yet another Buc lost to IR. 

McCoy started coming up in the Baltimore Ravens game, so this sophomore season will be critical to Gerald’s growth.

Right now there wouldn’t be any football stuff going on anyways, as June is notoriously known for being a boring month for NFL football. Its the time  players really do get to call an offseason.

But end of July is Training Camp, and Gerald McCoy along with Brian Price will be looked upon to help newcomers to the line DaQuan Bowers and Adrian Clayborn.

Check out the video of McCoy in your browser… 

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