The New Era Begins: Luke Fickell Addresses Media For First Time

The New Era Begins: Luke Fickell Addresses Media For First Time

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The New Era Begins: Luke Fickell Addresses Media For First Time


It was an afternoon full of emotion, smiles, reflection and seriousness for new head football coach Luke Fickell. From the continuous questions in regards to Jim Tressel and the current situation on campus, to how tough recruiting has been since the turmoil, to why he hasn’t spoken to Terrelle Pryor, it’s safe to say that Luke Fickell’s introductory press conference wasn’t molded in the prototypical “it’s time to win” mentality. Despite that fact, it became pretty clear that Ohio State’s new football coach has the fire it takes to lead the Buckeyes.

He was full of smiles from the get go, realizing that after nearly ten years as an assistant coach and five as a player, the time had come to take over the program he loves. After introducing his wife and thanking his family for their support, the tone quickly changed. Luke Fickell still had the occasional smile and grin of a child about to raid a candy store.

But the proclaimed attitude of wearing his emotion on his sleeve was unleashed. When it comes to outlining the new head coach of the Buckeyes, it’s clear he’s tenacious, an it’s that intensity that has set a standard for the players and coaches of his program.

The 2011 Buckeyes will not be compared or contrasted to previous years. It will be about respect, toughness and being men of action.

Fickell, who will make 750,000 dollars in the interim will be the first one to admit that he has his hands full. Being the leader of Ohio State is a pressure that is unmatched in the country. There has been no promise of what’s in store for the coach after this year. There have been no promises that with success that he would maintain his position. Yet Ohio State’s unsung leader is thankful for the opportunity.

Something that might not be surprising considering the man is the first to admit he “loves, knows and and respects Ohio State as much as anything in his life.”

So what’s next for the Buckeyes and their head coach? Fickell says it’s building on an already strong foundation. The focus is molding his kids into one unit alongside his veteran coaching staff.

Our biggest challenge is the kids. It’s going to be about our families — every kid on our team. That’s what our lifeline is.

And of course when asked about the team up north, Luke Fickell responded just the way you wanted to. Beyond a stare of disbelief that a reporter would think it was just another game, he answered briskly and properly.

Our guys will know about Nov. 26. I promise you that.


One thing Fickell can also promise is an intensity that his players will bring to the game of football.

We have goal to lead nation in 3 categories: effort, turnovers and toughness.


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