Reader Mail: Is Chip to blame? Are we recruiting too many"nice" guys? Is Cody Carriger the real deal?

Reader Mail: Is Chip to blame? Are we recruiting too many"nice" guys? Is Cody Carriger the real deal?

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Reader Mail: Is Chip to blame? Are we recruiting too many"nice" guys? Is Cody Carriger the real deal?


Duck fans are some of the most knowledgeable in the country.  Recently in our mailbox the Duck Stops here got an email from one of the sharpest:

That whole subject would be a good “what-if” type of blog entry for you. You see years ago….Rich Brooks did NOT want to many Hawaiians on the team as he felt that too many could be disruptive; yet he needed some “leaders” some nasty guys who would get the job done. Right now…a concern that hasn’t been voiced is, “is Chip recruiting too many NICE guys?” It’s a delicate balance of having the nasty TJ Ward, or JD Nelson types on your team…too many and you’re thug city. Too few and you’re a soft team…it is a difficult balance and one that could generate interesting debate.

Another subject I don’t have time to write about is, “Is Chip Kelly to Blame?” He is known as a “players” coach, and we know with the Trailblazers that those type of coaches get run-over by the players until things degenerate too far. Then a “disciplinarian” is hired to right the ship….but then that doesn’t always work long-term. My thought is that Chip is treading the line pretty well; being there for the players, but punishing them severely when they screw up. We all just wish they would quite doing so…………..

I was skeptical about Corringer at first…no rating on one site, a 3 star on another….only the Huskies as another major offer? Then I see the 4.7-4.80 forty, the 35 inch vertical, and the huge room to grow. I think Azz knows what he’s looking for….and he got it. Fast, athletic, and when he gets some weight over the next 2-3 years, look out. How many passes did Bair tip in his career? This guy SHOUTS that kind of player and I love it.

Too much great stuff to discuss…not enough time. If you want to take one of those thoughts and run with it in your thoughts and words—do it. I haven’t the time right now………..

Oh how I love my Ducks,

“Trout Webfoot”

Dear Trout:

Thanks for the discussion and the suggestions. 1st thought on the “too nice” thing is that the kids are selecting are largely good kids, but they play with nicely controlled aggression on the field. Cassell, Balducci, DJ Foster, Afalava, Kwon Alexander, Corriger, Dunmore–they’re all hitters, all aggressive J.D. Nelson kind of football players. Anthony Wallace is a 3.8 student but still a stud and a specimen. Chip is a smart guy who’ll surround himself with people who get it. Alonso and Harris are holdovers from the Bellotti era. I think the recruiting and prospecting they’re doing now is way more comprehensive and effective.

Completely agree that Carriger is a diamond in the rough with a Brandon Bair pedigree, almost identical in size coming in with exceptional athletic ability, far more than Bair had.

Few coaches would handle the issues Kelly has with such wisdom, principle and discipline. The Blount suspension, Masoli’s suspension, second chance and decision to leave, Alonso–they’ve all been handled perfectly. Stephen Garcia of South Carolina has been suspended and reinstated for alcohol issues FIVE times and he will still start on September 3rd–reduckulous.

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