A 4th of July Dogfight and The Friday Links

A 4th of July Dogfight and The Friday Links

St. Louis Cardinals

A 4th of July Dogfight and The Friday Links


Independence Day weekend is upon us. 

Brave men once fought the oppressive British motherland centuries ago so we could have the freedom to drink Busch and shoot Roman candles at each other while shitty cell phone video is shot of the whole affair.

No offense, but you couldn’t handle a musket son.

A courtesy glance at the NL Central standings have the STL Cards locked in a first place tie with the Brewers with the Reds lurking a couple games back. The Pirates have, surprisingly, managed to wade through June with a over .500 mark and have become the darling underdogs of the baseball press that wants to believe that payroll doesn’t equal success.

The Pirates will be overboard by July 31. Let them have their moment in the sun, but it will not last. It will definitely not last.

The Cardinals are, however, poised for an interesting second half. They’re kind of hanging around in a race that they wouldn’t be completely flogged for dropping out of. We know that TLR’s teams are always better in the ‘scrappy’ underdog role and, at least this week, seem to be working every angle to get some markers on the board.

A three way race is perfect. More meaningful games in the NL Central. Something to really follow closely in August and September. Big series with big possibilities. Let’s not shy away from the fight, friends. Let’s watch the carnage unfold…

Now, the Friday Links…

Don’t be a douche this weekend and get yourself kilt. Seriously, fireworks hurt when they explode in your face. But do have as much fun as possible and enjoy your freedom to do as you please.


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