F*** a lockout, we'll just go planking

F*** a lockout, we'll just go planking

Red's Army

F*** a lockout, we'll just go planking


Fuck a lockout

The lockout is here, but we're not gonna let it hold us down. We're still going to have fun somehow.  So every so often we're gonna say F**k a lockout… and still keep on keepin' on.

Dwight Howard and Gilbert Arenas are on a planking binge (if you don't know what planking is, congratulations, you have a life).  They're laying on everything… even a plane.

Well, we're not people to be left behind when we see a trend, regardless of how stupid it might be (yes, Mom, if our friends jumped off the Tobin, we would too.  We just want to be accepted.  Why don't you get that?!?!).  And since there really isn't much to write about right now, we hazed the rookie assigned our newest writer to go see what this planking crap is all about by going on a planking binge of his own, Celtics style. 

Ladies and Gentlemen… we have no other real options are embarrassed are proud to present what may be the first ever Boston Celtics planking expedition, starring Jacob Noble.

Planking 1

Planking 2
Planking 3
Planking 4
Planking 5

By the way… we are fully aware of how silly this is.  We know.  Go thank Wyc for leading the lockout charge.

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