Remembering Michael Ryder

Remembering Michael Ryder


Remembering Michael Ryder


Reports is that Michael Ryder signed with the Dallas Stars for 2 years 3.5 million/year. 

This isn’t a huge loss for the Bruins as it gives some younger guys like Caron and Knight a chance to shine and fight for a spot with the big boys. But we are sad that the Knight-Ryder line will never happen now.

We’ll remember Ryder mostly for dogging it during the regular season and opening admitting as such.

But we’ll also remember Ryder for his huge compete leve in the Montreal series.

Still those two plays don’t make up for what he provides, on the whole, all season. We knew someone would overpay for Ryder. Dallas delivered.

Best of luck with the Stars, Rydes. Thanks for the Cup. 

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