Welcome, Children of the Corn

Welcome, Children of the Corn

zz The Buckeye Battlecry

Welcome, Children of the Corn


Mmmmmm... Cake.

Today marks the day that it becomes official, that the University of Nebraska becomes a part of the B1G Ten.

Well, there goes the neighborhood

Since we were one of the first sites to break the news, and since we’ve picked up a great group of Nebraska readers and regulars, it only makes sense to give a big “howdy do” to our newest members… especially since we like their coach a lot.

(Ironically, I’m spending it with my Cornhusker in-laws-  I’ve got to start planning vacations better)

The Big Ten Network has a weekend full of Husker programming, and brings us this great piece about Nebraska’s legacy-

We’d also be remiss if we didn’t point you toward several great online resources for all your Bugeater news-

Even if there’s mixed feelings from your former amigos, we here at tBBC want to extend a hearty welcome to the conference.

If nothing else, we’re pretty sure that you’ll have a better experience here than you did in the Big TEXASwelve…

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