Frozen Notes 1k Contest

Frozen Notes 1k Contest


Frozen Notes 1k Contest


Frozen Notes 1k Contest

St. Louis Home Icephoto © 2010 Kelly Teague | more info (via: Wylio)
CONTEST CLOSED – Since 2009, this site and the Twitter account associated with it have come a long way. From literally a handful of visits and a few followers, the site has since achieved respectable traffic and the Twitter account has surpassed 1,000 followers. As a “thank you” to all the readers and followers that help keep this site running, I wanted to create a small contest/giveaway as a way of returning the favor.

I mean really, who doesn’t like a contest?

Simply put without you, the reader, this site wouldn’t exist. I love to write and love to get my ideas on paper (er, virtual paper) but it’s the dialogue and the conversation with fellow fans that truly make this worthwhile and fun for me. Thanks to all the support I’ve received and the frequent return visitors and commentors, I’ve been able to obtain two small sponsors for this site which have in turned help cover some of the maintenance costs. Your support has literally kept this site’s lights on.

Now – on to the contest.

If you follow along with this site fairly closely, you might have read some of the “Fellowship of the Puck” installments where I interview various hockey fans. Everyone has a story to tell and each one is interesting. In those interviews, I ask a similar question to each person on how they specifically would improve either their specific team or the league as a whole – it might be my favorite question. I couldn’t think of a more fitting topic to build a contest around.

Contest Rules


It’s simple.

St. Louis Blues fans: leave a comment below answering:

“Outside of a Stanley Cup or a new owner, what would you like to see the organization do differently whether on or off the ice?”

Before your answer, please state you are a Blues fan. Following your answer, if you are on Twitter, feel free to put your Twitter ID for others that might want to follow you.

Fans of other teams: leave a comment below answering:

“What would you like to see the NHL do differently, whether on or off the ice?”

Before your answer please state what team you are a fan of. Following your answer, if you are on Twitter, feel free to put your Twitter ID for others that might want to follow you.


*One entry per person.
*Be as specific, detailed and creative as you’d like, but please keep your entry down to just one overall thought.
*One winner will be chosen, based on best or most original idea as judged by yours truly.
*There will be one overall winner, not one winner per group.
*Contest ends Sunday, July 17th at 6:00pm central. Winner will be announced on the following Monday or Tuesday. Once winner is announced, all they have to do is tell me which prize they want and I’ll get it ordered/shipped.
*Unfortunately, only those living in the United States are eligible. (Sorry Grant)

What Can I Win?

Keep in mind this is a small contest and the prizes are proportionately small. If the site continues to grow, then perhaps we can take a second crack at this if I hit 5,000 followers, or some other milestone. For pictures and more information on each prize, please click the link.

St. Louis Blues Glasses

Blues Fans: (Choose ONE of the following)

Old Time Hockey St. Louis Blues Shirt

St. Louis Blues Blue 28oz Water Bottle

Blues Stainless Steel Bottle

Blues Men’s Custom Short Sleeve Shirt (Build Your Own Shirt)

Blues Women’s Custom Short Sleeve Shirt (Build Your Own Shirt)

St. Louis Blues Banner

Blues 2-Pack Pint Ale Glass Set

Blues Customized Glass Mug

NHL Fans: (Choose ONE of the following)

Most of the above items (if not all) are available for the other 29 NHL teams. If you win and are a fan of a different team, you can select one of the prizes above, but it will be of your favorite team.

All items are new and will be ordered through the online NHL Shop store. If the item you want is not available, we’ll find something of equal value to replace it.

Thanks and good luck everyone!


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