7/9 Game Recap: Blue Jays 5 - Indians 4

7/9 Game Recap: Blue Jays 5 - Indians 4


7/9 Game Recap: Blue Jays 5 - Indians 4


Player of the Game

Tonight’s ‘Player of the Game’ belongs to Grady Sizemore for doing almost enough for the Indians to win. Grady hit the huge 2 run home run early in the game to tie the game at 3, but was unable to come through in the 9th inning with a runner on second. Overall Sizemore went 2-4 with 2 RBI and a run for a ‘POG’ of 4.58. Justin Masterson actually managed to lower his average ‘POG’ per game score by pitching only one inning in relief. He still has the best average on the team earning 3.54 points per game.

Feathers Up

The Indians offense has returned after a short absence. Over the last 25 games where the Indians have been 13-12, they have scored 4.08 runs per game after a terrible stretch of 10 games where they went 1-9 with 2.10 runs per game.

The Indians attempted a third comeback in a row against the Jays, but were unsuccessful for the second night in a row, losing the game in the 10th after Travis Buck tied it with an RBI double in the 9th.

Feathers Down


Apparently Manny Acta has a shorter memory than most Indians fans. After Travis Hafner hit a single in the 9th inning, he was pulled for a pinch runner. That pinch runner was not much faster than him and the increased odds of him scoring must have been far below the chances of the Indians scoring a single run, getting into extra innings and the 3 spot in the order coming to bat again.

For those who think that Josh Tomlin has been a better pitcher than Justin Masterson this season because he has more wins you should understand that there is a big difference between smoke and mirrors and true swing and miss talent. This is not to take anything away from Tomlin who has been very dependable all season and has been amazingly consistent to start his career, but if the Indians have an ace, it is without a doubt, Justin Masterson. This comment was spurred by the current poll on Indians.com in which 48% of fans have voted Josh Tomlin as the best pitcher on the Indians this season. Also, the pitching rotation will be reordered after the All-Star break with Masterson as the ace.

Final Score: Cleveland Indians 4 – Toronto Blue Jays 5

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