NFL Labor Management situation looks bleaker than ever

NFL Labor Management situation looks bleaker than ever

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NFL Labor Management situation looks bleaker than ever


The situation is ridiculous, and it looks as if it may escalate into stupidity. Not only has the only person who has been mediating the two sides to work together decided to go on vacation, Judge Arthur Doylan has taken off, well, TODAY. Just when the two sides need him most, the Judge is taking his vacation, and has scheduled a meeting with Both sides on July 19th.

Thats ten days from now.

Monday, only the Lawyers are getting together, so no real talks will happen until Tuesday at the earliest, and the two sides cannot even come close on the issue of Rookie Salary cap.  Both sides want it, its what to do with that money that is the problem.

Owners was 5 year contracts, players say thats unfair, your not giving a player too much time under his initial contract, without a chance to make those BIG BUCKS that they would have gotten as a top draft pick.

Free agents are putting pressure on the players reps to get a deal done while there still is a free agency period of some sort, but that is not likely to happen. If the scare of losing preseason money isn’t enough, what makes you think the free agents ability to negotiate with other teams will do for anyone.

With the two sides still not ready to do a deal, the deadline gets closer and closer, if the Owners see it as a deadline at all. 

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