More Jimmer talking American Century Championship

More Jimmer talking American Century Championship

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More Jimmer talking American Century Championship


As James told you in a post yesterday, Jimmer Fredette will participate in the American Century Championship golf tournament in Lake Tahoe this week.  Here are some additional quotes from a conference call media had with Fredette back in May.

On his invitation:

I heard they (tournament officials) were in a meeting and all of a sudden they said “We would like to have Jimmer Fredette come play.” My friend’s jaw almost dropped because they’ve never even talked about another collegiate athlete playing in this tournament. To me, that’s just unbelievable because there have been some amazing college athletes to come through the ranks for however long the tournament has been going on.

Question: Different kind of nerves though, right? Other guys watching you play something you don’t do a lot.

I am not the best golfer in the world but I have been trying to work on my game a little bit  I’ll play a couple times, at least, before I get out there so I can so I can at least hit the ball well and try to have a decent score. But I am just looking forward to having fun and being able to meet the people mostly.

Question: If they gave you a choice playing with Jordan, playing with Barkley?

Oh man, I mean I can’t really choose but they both would be fun to play with. Hopefully one day I’ll play with one, one day I’ll play with the other.  That’s what my goal is, hopefully.

Question: What is your experience with the LDS group, how supportive they have been at BYU and if, because everywhere you go the turnout of LDS fans is remarkable, and if you expect they will be a contingent over there in Tahoe.

Yeah, I hope so. I have heard that there is going to be quite a few people going to (the tournament) who are LDS and that’s great.   I am looking forward to being able to go out and represent BYU and the church and a lot of these things that I do and I am happy to do that. I love it. And hopefully I continue to be a positive light for the LDS people out there and for our church.

As far as NBA players go, the oddsmakers seem to like his chances.  He is only a slight under dog to 40-1 favorites Michael Jordan, Ray Allen, and Vinny Del Negro with 50-1 odds of winning the tournament.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, Charles Barkley is tied for the worst odds of winning at 500-1 along with comedian Kevin Nealon.  Here are the odds for all the ex and current NBA players playing this week.

  • Michael Jordan: 40/1
  • Ray Allen: 40/1
  • Vinny Del Negro: 40/1
  • Jimmer Fredette: 50/1
  • Penny Hardaway: 50/1
  • Deron Williams: 100/1
  • Shane Battier: 200/1
  • Jason Kidd: 200/1
  • Charles Barkley: 500/1

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