Winnipeg Jets unveil new uniforms

Winnipeg Jets unveil new uniforms

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Winnipeg Jets unveil new uniforms


The Winnipeg Jets alleged logos and uniforms have been a fun topic of conversation this summer. After a surprise logo unveiling earlier in the summer, the Jets showed off their new jerseys today.

A close-up of the terrible vertical arm striping on the new Jets uniforms.

Overall the jerseys are pretty underwhelming. They don’t stink, which is a good thing. But they aren’t show stoppers. The blue home uniform looks good. The sleeve and waist stripes aren’t ridiculous and the color scheme works well. Aside from the main logo, the home uniform works.

As for the away jersey, it is awful. The sleeve stripes aren’t all that terrible. The light blue looks good. However that stupid vertical navy blue arm band is horrendous. There is no trim on it, so it is just floating out in space, part of it fills in between the horizontal stripes and it has no counterpart on the home uniforms. To top it off, it makes the horizontal stripes, which on their own would look good, look like something you see on a crossing guard.

i was really hoping the Jets organization would stay away from mistakes like this, especially those awful third jerseys. For the most part they did. They chose a cool color scheme with a very cool secondary logo and a fairly unique wordmark, depending on your taste. The boring logo doesn’t help much, but coupled with that idiotic vertical stripe, I can only hope the NHL goes to white jerseys at home so I don’t have to witness these in person.

On the bright side there is an opportunity for a baby (aviator) blue third jersey with that awesome secondary logo. Also, the numbers and letters are pretty unique, so that is a small victory.

Again, they’re not the worst things in the world. Just not worth all the waiting and fan fare. I think I may have taken the counterfeits over this model.

A look at the numbering and lettering on the new Jets uniforms.

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