Are the Steelers who we thought they were?

Are the Steelers who we thought they were?


Are the Steelers who we thought they were?


Yesterday’s 24-0 dismantling of the Seattle Seahawks was refreshing if nothing else. It was nice to see Troy Polamalu running around like a crazy man and Bruce Arians dialing up WR passes. 

But it’s hard to avoid putting an asterisk on yesterday’s events. While talented, Seattle is a rebuilding team who was missing an elite WR in Sidney Rice. I’m not worried about Tavaris Jackson and Mike Williams tormenting the Steelers, but the Steelers did nothing yesterday to prove that Joe Flacco or Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers or any half decent passing offense can’t have their way with Pittsburgh in the passing game.

Yesterday’s win was nice, but the Steelers will have to wait at least until October 2nd at Houston to begin to cement their identity in 2011. Even the Browns were able to contain the Peyton Manning-less Colts last week and I would expect the Steelers to do the same on their worst day. So while the 24-0 win was definitely a step in the right direction, the Steelers will only be able to prove that the Week 1 disaster was an anamoly when they face a quality opponent.  

We will have to wait a couple games at least for that test.

-B- The offensive line has accepted all of the blame for the Steelers short yardage failures yesterday. I agree with the assessment of the blame, but what is most troubling is that this has been an issue for years and there seems to be no real fix in the works.  

-B- Here’s the 2nd half thread from yesterday’s game at Seahawk Addicts. 

-B- Looking ahead to next week’s tilt at Indianapolis, 18to88 recaps their game against Cleveland and has some thoughts on the Colts franchise as a whole. Not an easy time to be an Indy fan to say the least.  

-B- Heading into tonight’s MNF game, Mike Wallce is 2nd in the NFL with 18 receptions through 2 games.

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