D4L Celebrates Its (Belated) 5th Birthday

D4L Celebrates Its (Belated) 5th Birthday

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D4L Celebrates Its (Belated) 5th Birthday


It all started on Halloween of 2006 with a photoshopped picture of Ben Wallace as Santa Claus, and our standards have been dropping ever since: D4L is officially 5 years (and five days) old.

D4L birthday

While I’ve only been with D4L for the past two years, it’s been one hell of a wild ride. We upgraded from Blogspot to Bloguin, which is pretty much the equivalent of breaking up with Jessie Spano for Kelly Kapowski: you might not have been embarrassed to be with Jessie, but holy shit do you have to make that move.

Kelly Kapowski vs. Jessie Spano

Related: Kelly is still hot.

Ever since, it’s been one hell of a ride for D4L and we only have you, dear readers, to thank for that. From your comments (even the “you suck” ones) to your tweets (even the “you suck” ones) to the simple fact that you clicked this link and read this far down the post — which probably has more to do with Tiffani Thiessen in a tube top and suspenders than my actual writing — thank you. You are the reason that the internet has tolerated us for the last 1831 days, and counting.

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