Ranking the Winter Classic logos

Ranking the Winter Classic logos

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Ranking the Winter Classic logos


In what has become an interesting mini-series, I thought it might be fun to take a look at each of the five Winter Classic logos. Since I have taken the time to rank the goalie equipment, jerseys, venues and the game itself; it only makes sense to throw the logos into the mix as well.

5- Of the five, the original logo is easily the most bland and neutral of the bunch. The 2008 version is nothing more than a puck with some snow on top of it. No tie to the venue (thank goodness) or the region (unfortunately) in which the game was played. Low marks for this one.

4- The fourth best of the bunch goes to the Boston-Philadelphia matchup from 2010. The logo does a nice job paying tribute to Boston and Fenway, but I just doesn’t have much oomph. A decent design, but not as eye-catching as the others.

3 Number three goes to this year’s classic. The prominent use of the Liberty Bell looks great but the Bridgestone logo doesn’t look right at the bottom of the bell. What’s worse is that placement clearly bumped “Philadephia 2012” to the outside. Had the Bridgestone logo or the location found a different home, the logo would likely be a bit more aesthetically pleasing.

2- Pittsburgh’s 2011 Winter Classic logo comes in at number two. The use of the iconic yellow bridge and the way in which the shape of the bridge flows with the entire logo is fantastic. The I-beam is a nice understated addition too. Unlike the 2012 logo, the location and date being bumped to the outside isn’t nearly as obtrusive. A big win for the 2011 designer.

1- Wrigley Field has taken quite a few number one’s from me regarding my Winter Classic rankings. A great game, perfect weather, legendary venue and awesome uniforms. Add to that a clean, classic logo. First, there is no appearance of the sponsor on this logo, which is a big plus. Also, the subtle icicles and the excellent interpretation of the Wrigley marquee makes this an all-around winner.

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