Detroit's New Years Resolutions, or How 2012 Is Going to Be Way Better Than 2011

Detroit's New Years Resolutions, or How 2012 Is Going to Be Way Better Than 2011

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Detroit's New Years Resolutions, or How 2012 Is Going to Be Way Better Than 2011


Now that 2012 is here (seriously, where did 2011 go?), it’s time to look ahead to what could be an awesome year for each of the professional sports franchises in Detroit, and maybe even the Pistons too. Here are some New Years resolutions for your favorite teams and players. Just remember, 87% of all resolutions are not maintained, and 75% of statistics are made up on the spot.

The Tigers should resolve to: win the World Series. Last season, the Tigers were two wins from making their first World Series appearance since 2006. However, they are closer to being able to repeat this type of success than most people think. Alex Avila won’t play a bazillion games next year, and Brennan Boesch’s return to the lineups should take away some of the sting of a decline in production from Avila and Jhonny Peralta next season.

Miguel Cabrera should resolve to: win the MVP. Cabrera has put up MVP-like numbers in each of his three seasons as a Tiger, but hasn’t quite gotten over the hump to take over the hardware. 2012 looks like it could be his season.

Don Kelly should resolve to: purchase some fire-proof shoes. Justin Verlander shows no mercy.

Don Kelly hotfoot

The Lions should resolve to: prove that 2011 wasn’t a fluke. Regardless of what happens next weekend, the Lions should be proud of their 2011 season. They broke a decade-long playoff drought despite playing in one of the toughest divisions in football. However, the bar has been set and Jim Schwartz has a lot of work to do to keep this team in the hunt next season and beyond.

Ndamukong Suh should resolve to: play all 16 games in 2012. This isn’t a question of Suh’s durability, but rather his ability to keep his head on straight at all times. Teams will be targeting Suh now that they have seen that it is possible to get into his head. Keeping his composure and letting his play do the talking will be a tall order, but one that Suh needs to address.

The Pistons should resolve to: win a game. Seriously, they suck.

The Pistons should also resolve to: not waste the talent of Brandon Knight and Greg Monroe. As dumb as some of his personnel decisions have been, Joe Dumars has been cleaning up in the NBA draft over the past couple seasons. Both Monroe and Knight look like they could be franchise cornerstones, and they need to be treated as such.

The Red Wings should resolve to: win the Stanley Cup. It’s a cop-out prediction, but it’s the truth. The Red Wings expect to win the Cup every season. Anything less is failure, plain and simple.

Jimmy Howard should resolve to: win the Vezina trophy. Howard has been phenomenal this season. It’s hard to believe that just two years ago, people were questioning if Howard was even going to be around for more than a season or two before the Wings made a play for Ryan Miller. Howard has silenced all of his critics about his job security. Proving he’s among the NHL’s elite is the next step.

Nick Lidstrom should resolve to: play the 2012-13 season. I find it ironic that the guy we call “The Perfect Human” is actually a cyborg. There’s no other way to explain how he’s still the best defenseman in the NHL.

Nick Lidstrom Stanley Cup

The Michigan football team should resolve to: beat both Michigan State and Ohio State next season. Enough is enough, restore order to the Big Ten.

Denard Robinson should resolve to: win the Heisman trophy. No bullshit, Denard has the talent to win college football’s most prestigious award. The real question is whether he can be consistent enough to be mentioned among college football’s elite.

The Michigan State football team should resolve to: prove that they are a legitimate big-time program. Don’t take this the wrong way, Spartan fans, but I’m not sure if MSU can rebound from all of the talent that is graduating from this year’s team. Le’Veon Bell is the only returning offensive player of note, and the defense may lose All-American DT Jerel Worthy.

The Michigan and MSU basketball teams should resolve to: win the Big Ten. Having both of the teams in this state among the Big Ten’s best is good for business.

Finally, D4L resolves to change its ways and become a legitimate sports news site. Hey, I told you that these things were made to be broken.

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