Michigan Beats MSU In Basketball, Dance-Off

Michigan Beats MSU In Basketball, Dance-Off

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Michigan Beats MSU In Basketball, Dance-Off


By now, you already know that Michigan beat Michigan State 60-59 last night in Ann Arbor. It was Michigan’s third straight win over the Spartans after losing the last thirty gazillion games between the schools.

By now, you also already know that Trey Burke had a hell of a game for the Wolverines, MSU fans are still pretty confident, and, unsurprisingly, Mgoblog found a way to link the greatest video of all time.

By now, you also probably know that Denard Robinson was in attendance for the game, since ESPN showed him roughly 12,984 times during their broadcast (or maybe that was just the number of State fans complaining about it on Twitter). [Put something funny about Denard Robinson never beating MSU here]. The engineer is never going to wash that shirt again.

Denard Robinson dance

You also may have guessed that Tom Izzo was not in a dancing mood. This did not bode well for MSU’s chances.

Tom Izzo

What you may not have seen, however, is John Beilein’s freakishly white attempts at dancing to DJ Khaled’s (plus every rapper in the history of ever) “All I Do Is Win,” the corny sports anthem of 2010. (big, big ups to Lost Lettermen for answering my prayers with this .gif)

John Beilein dancing

With the evidence before us, I award the first ever D4L UM-MSU Basketball Dance-off Tournament Championship to the Michigan Wolverines. It’s quite an honor, Michigan. Keep it safe before those creepy Izzone Teletubbies take it away.

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