Detroit Sports Links: Prince Fielder Edition

Detroit Sports Links: Prince Fielder Edition

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Detroit Sports Links: Prince Fielder Edition



Thanks to Rob for getting the links disbursed to you loyal readers the last couple days. I thinks he’s riding on the DC Metro today, so I’m going to handle today’s. 

If you haven’t been writing on a typewriter or golfing all the time, you should know that the Tigers made a relatively large addition to their lineup; his name is Prince and the killer clowns in your town raising all hell.  How the deal went down is as good as anyone’s guess, but anything that includes a hasty senile (and awesome) Ilitch is probably a good one.

Rob answers the questions abounding regarding the nine-year contract that very few are worried about right now. It is absolutely fruitless to  look beyond a single season, because a lot can can change, man, so let’s just focus on the 2012 Tigers. Cabrera-Fielder. Fielder-Cabrera. Those two in the middle of the lineup is over 500 pounds of mash, automatically one of the best 1-2 punches, if not the best, in baseball. Fearful. 

And there are legitimate questions about what the signing means for the 2012 Tigers. Is Prince going to DH? Is Cabrera? Was Brandon Inge’s reaction “Holy, I’m going back to Toledo!”? Miguel Cabrera confirmed that he’s moving back to his “natural” position, third base, which means the Tigers defense could be much worse and a lot of sick children won’t be receiving home run promises from Inge, unless he lies and Inge never tells a lie.

Hey, here’s what Peter Gammons had to say about the deal.

Meanwhile, Sportscenter asked the Freep’s Drew Sharp, of all people, to weigh in on the news. At the end of the linked video is a 12-year-old Prince Fielder taking switchy BP off Terry Francona at old Tiger Stadium. There’s a lot to digest there, but yes, 12-year-old Prince Fielder, who used to hit balls out of the stadium at Michigan and Trumbull, is taking batting practice off Francona, who was a third base coach for the Tigers in 1996. A whole lot of zubaz

Austin Jackson was asked about Fielder coming to Detroit and he likened it to something you would do with your roster on MLB2k (that game Verlander is on the cover for this season).  

One of my favorite former Tigers, Tony Phillips said “this is awesome.” He used to wrestle Prince in the clubhouse, but says he wouldn’t want to nowadays. Wait, why would he want to back then? Prince was still bigger than him.

A storyline that you’ll probably see a million times over the next nine years is the fact that Prince Fielder is the son of former Tigers’ home run basher Big Daddy. They had a falling out,  so far out that Prince once said that Cecil was dead to him. I hope this helps their improving relationship

Here’s a story from the Freep from 20 years ago about 8-year-old Prince having his dad’s skill with a bat. EIGHT YEARS OLD. The above pic is from that article. 


National Eat Little Caesars Day should be everyday. I’m doing my part, and I’m seriously considering buying at least a crazy bread every day. 

Now let’s go get Yoenis Cespedes. Right? Right? 

Oh, before I go: seriously, pack up your shit, Tayshaun. I wasn’t kidding.

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