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Then & Now: Comparing the Blues Stanley Cup Odds

Then & Now: Comparing the Blues
Stanley Cup Odds

The St. Louis Blues are off until Friday, February 3rd. That leaves us with several days where there really isn’t too much content to analyze. We’ll likely have some injury updates but for the most part we have plenty of time on our hands. With this spare time we take a look at how the Blues odds to win the Stanley Cup have shifted since the beginning of the season.

Even if you aren’t a sports bettor (no worries, I’m not either) it’s still fun to look at the odds and see which teams Vegas and other sources favor.

At the start of the year, most locations listed the Vancouver Canucks as the favorite to win the Stanley Cup in 2011-12 with odds of 6 to 1. The Blues? Well, depending where you looked the Blues came in somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 to 1 or 40 to 1. Sites that offered advice on which teams were the best picks, such as those at best online sportsbooks, didn’t even include the Blues in their advice of which teams were the most intriguing to bet on.

Skipping ahead to the present the Blues have had a tremendous first “half” (more like 2/3) and looked primed to be holding a playoff spot when the dust settles on 2011-12. Has the team’s relentless pressure, outstanding defense and reliable goaltending changed the odds?

Surprisingly, they have but not in the direction you would imagine.

When looking at the current odds at Vegas Insider, you’ll see that the Blues have slipped to 45 to 1. That’s right, despite being near the top of the NHL standings the Blues have actually worse odds to win the Cup than they did at the start of the year. Confusing, right?

It’s tough to argue with some of the other rankings. You would have a tough time arguing that Chicago’s 6 to 1 line or the ugly line in Columbus – 150 to 1. Still, the ranking of the Blues and the shocking value of the Ottawa Senators (150 to 1) should deliver one key message – don’t read too far into what Vegas thinks.

Granted, most of this information was taken from only a handful of sources. Still, the writing is clear that the Blues are still under the radar (at least in the sports betting world) and they still have a lot to prove in the season’s second half.

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