Top Ten Subliminal Baseball Card Messages

Top Ten Subliminal Baseball Card Messages

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Top Ten Subliminal Baseball Card Messages


Back when I collected baseball cards, there wasn’t really a market for subsets like there is now.  So I used to make my own.

I had pages in my card binders for All-Stars, Managers and, of course, error cards.

Some were valuable (1982 Fleer John Littlefield), some, well, not so much (1985 Topps Gary Pettis)…but all of them were special.  Now that I’m older, I have to admit, I still get a kick out of homemade subsets.

Today, I present to you, from the warped mind of super card collector (and Hall contributor) Bo Rosny…the Top Ten Subliminal Baseball Card Messages.

10. Claude Raymond, 1966 Topps
Hey Claude, XYZ. (Examine your zipper). Oh well, probably just an accident, right?

9. Claude Raymond, 1967 Topps
Nope, no accident. Apparently Claude wanted to be able to whip it out in a hurry.

8. Jamie Quirk, 1988 Fleer
Pretty sure that’s a flasher in the second row.

7. John Henry Johnson 1987, Fleer
John Henry getting a good grip on his Johnson.

6. Scott Lusader, 1990 CMC
You know all those “Chris Truby is a Satanist” rumors? Scott Lusader spread them to deflect suspicion away from himself.

5. Frank Thomas, 1991 Upper Deck
Big Hurt has a subtle message for you.

4. Frank Thomas, 1994 Stadium Club
“What, you didn’t get my first message? Here, let me make it clearer for you.”

3. Billy Martin, 1972 Topps
Billy The Kid flipping the bird, ruining his squeaky-clean reputation.

2. Old Hoss Radbourn, 1887 Old Judge
“You whippersnappers giving the finger? I invented the finger!”

1. Bill Ripken, 1989 Fleer
No other cards, not the T206 Wagner, not the Mantle rookie, has its own website.

As always you can follow Bo over at his site Baseball Cards Come to Life.

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