Raiders Mock Draft 2.0 by @RaiderDraftnik

Raiders Mock Draft 2.0 by @RaiderDraftnik


Raiders Mock Draft 2.0 by @RaiderDraftnik


This article is the work of Tyler Dickson, an avid fan of the Raiders and college football.  For more of his thoughts on players, as we lead up to the draft, follow him on Twitter @RaiderDraftnik

You can also check out his first Raiders-only mock draft or his 3 round mock draft.

Player:                             Pick:       Overview:

Josh Chapman

NT Alabama

Height: 6ft 1

Weight: 315 lbs

Forty: 5.02

Bench: 29


3rd rd

Strengths: Nose tackle body that allows him to be a demon against the run.Uses quick hands and upper body strength to shed centers and guards.Can take on double teams using his great weight room strength to hold up blockers.Great plugger closes holes down fast.Has great punch to put OL on heels.Got a savvy little swim move when rushing the passer.Big Hitter.Good arm tackler using his weight to drag ball-carrier down.

Weaknesses: Great strength but not a great athlete stiff in the hips and average lateral agility.Doesn’t have the quickness to rush the passer but will get there by effort alone.Can be tricked by quick running backs in space.Not long-armed so can fall off tackles at times.

Summary: With the Raiders running a “Multiple-Front” defense they are going to need a NT and chapman happens to be one of the best in the NFL draft. He’s a gamer shows toughness playing through and ACL and MCL tear in 2011.Has a great motor and the kind of guy you see Reggie McKenzie going after.He drops to the Raiders because of injury. Chapman was a 2 year starter,has no character issues.Injuries are a problem but has shown toughness to play through them.

Josh Kaddu

LB Oregon

Height: 6ft 3

Weight: 249 lbs

Forty: 4.67

Bench: 20

Vertical: 34”

Broad: 9’11”


4th rd

Strengths: Kaddu has the frame you like Linebacker strong with long arms.Gifted athlete with good closing and sideline to sideline speed. Physical player that enjoys the game high-motor guy with some pass rush ability.Sheds his blocks well and has a bit of ‘nasty’ in his tackles.

Weakness: Production concerns me with his numbers not showing a 3-year starter numbers.Plays too aggressive sometimes and overpurses or goes for big hit and misses.Coverage can be suspect at times.Needs to Beef up to put up with level of NFL.

Summary: Kaddu has stated he’d love to play for the Raiders and he fills a need at LB.He is raw and more of a athlete then a footballer but I think all his flaws can be ironed out with good coaching.He drops to us here in the draft because of a hamstring injury.He was a 3-year with no character issues and minor health issues.

Christian Thompson

FS S.Carolina State

Height: 6ft

Weight: 211 lbs

Forty: 4.42

Bench: 18

Vertical: 31”



5th rd

Strengths: Terrific athlete fast,strong and agile.Nice size to go up against WR/TE if lined in man in slot.Good read and react guy.Intercepts the ball well besides his small hands.Great closing speed to the ball.Leads by example can get his team some momentum  with a big fit or intercept.Moves around the field well good range.Tough tackler with nice pop in his tackles.

Weaknesses: Can be tricked by play-action or screenplays.Not great in man coverage.Dominated some games in FCS,then in others would disappear.More athlete then Football player at this point,still very raw.

Summary: With Brandon Underwood not playing for a year and Huff turning 30, I think they raiders have addressed CB but need to get some help at FS.He is very Raw but with the raiders coaching staff could be coached into being a starter next year or year after and can be used in special teams this year.Has some Character issues he transferred from Auburn to South Carolina State,so you might want to check about why he transferred if your a team drafting him.No injury issues.

David Molk

C Michigan

Height: 6ft 1

Weight: 298 lbs

Forty: 5.02

Bench: 41


5th rd

Strengths: Perfect fit for the ZBS,small bulky stature with nimble feet. Good lateral quickness to pull/trap gets to the second level efficiently. Great in the run game opening holes for the RB consistently. Trench Warrior who has a nasty edge plays like a “Raider”. Physical Player who uses great technique with a wide stance in pass-protection. Great upper body strength to hold up DL giving the QB time. Reads the game well. Loves the Game.

Weaknesses: Small stature with not much of a frame to grow on. Needs to use his hands better can get swim moved easily at times. Also becuase of his small stature don’t know if he’ll be able to handle NT in the NFL. Not good at dealing with agile LBs on the second level. Only suited for ZBS scheme in the NFL.

Summary: Getting Molk will enable the Raiders to move Wiz back to LG and put Brisiel in at RG. Fits the type of player Reggie looks for he has passion for the game and a natural  leader. Would be the best player available at this pick in my opinion.Has no character concerns. Has injury issues with his knees and feet so that could be a problem.

Jeff Fuller

WR Texas A&M

Height: 6ft 4

Weight: 220 lbs

Forty: 4.55

Bench: 17

Vertical: 32”



6th rd

Strengths: Great size,long arms and big body. Great Catch radius.Natural Hands catcher. Jumps for the ball in the air.Good strength as a WR blocker in run game. Has decent speed for WR his size. Gets off the line of scrimmage quickly, great at slant routes.


Weaknesses: Can drop the ball at times because of lack of concentration. Not a polished route runner. Not physical and can get the ball jarred from a hit easily. Doesn’t get off the jam from elite corners and can get manhandled away for his route timing. Can get lost on his routes. Not good at catching then turning to gain extra yards.

Summary: With the Raiders signing Andre Hardy I think the Raiders don’t need to go for a TE so they add a big-bodied WR that can be used as a red-zone threat. If Fuller had came out last year he would have been a 1st or 2nd round guy but staying in college for one more year hurt him with injuries and inconsistent play.Has Minor Character issues.Has minor injury issues.


Summary on mock draft:

This mock-draft is different because of needs filled.recent signings and BPA if all these players fall and the Raiders take them I believe it would be a great draft class for the Raiders to build from and will also help the raiders grow this year.

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