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In this week’s edition of news and notes, we take a look at the ever swirling world of college “playoffs”; helping you get to the bottom of the matter. You can probably guess where this is headed…

Never forget

Buckeye 411

  • Hangin’ With Urb- Hopefully you were one of the students who were able to get your tickets to the upcoming “meet and greet” with Ohio State’s new head coach. If so, I’m sure you’re in for a treat. Absolutely no disrespect to Coach Tressel, but the public speaking and offensive styles of these two men were pretty consistent: The Senator wanted to kill clock, lull you into complacency, and wait for you to make a mistake. Coach Meyer will see how many questions he can answer in a minute, and expects every one of them to score.
  • Ah, Gee-  Ohio State’s president was in the news again, this time for saying what most of us realized anyway– the recent “print media” coverage of the Ohio State program was less than flattering, often inaccurate, and aimed at drawing eyeballs/pageviews more than conveying the truth.  My favorite part of that interview? George “Buckeye Raffles and UCLA Weed OMG!!” Dohrmann comment-

(Gee) knows more about bow ties than he does about journalism.

Probably true, but since Gordo is a fifteenth level bow-tie ninja, what does that say about your point?

OT J.B. Shugarts (seventh or free agent): Good size, but had false start and some foot problems with the Buckeyes.

  • Tweetles and twootles- If you’re on the twitter, a) give us a follow and b) check out the #BuckeyeNationProblems hashtag from last night.
  • Video And Such- We’re awaiting the next bunch of greatness from a certain southern sportscaster, but in the mean time this ain’t too bad:

[vimeo 40904831 w=480 h=270]

 Other College News

Nike also copyrighted the color “Maize,” so Adidas actually had to make a new version of our school color, now known as “Sun” (which the volleyball team has affectionately dubbed the “highlighter” jerseys).

Yup. In an attempt to gain a buck or three (which is why any school changes equipment providers), the Wolverines actually lost one of their school colors.  I guess the ridiculous jerseys shouldn’t have been a surprise, then… they are, after all, tSUN.

  • Speaking Of Adidas- In case you missed it, Buckeye hoops target Tony Parker signed with UCLA.  Interestingly enough, his AAU coach will also be working there, and his AAU team was sponsored by Adidas. Also, UCLA commitment Shabazz Muhammed’s sister has a contract with Adidas, who also sponsored Muhammed’s AAU team. You know where this is going, right- UCLA is an Adidas school.  This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that’s followed North Carolina and Duke basketball, but if it is, you should check out this book. It’s a bit dated, but it was written as the genesis of a lot of the things that we now take for granted were formed.
  • It’s All Academic, Part One- You know what they say about SEC schools? Yeah… they were right. 1.9 GPA average by scholarship football players?  That’s the AVERAGE, and you know some of those young adults were taking classes that were easy A’s. Draw your own conclusion… use crayons if you’re in Knoxville.
  • Party Time With Charlie! As “He Who Will Benefit The KC BBQ Economy” continues to rebuild the hopes and dreams of Jayhawk football, he realized that they don’t know how to have fun. So, what to do?  Practice celebrating!
  • Yeah, That Makes Sense- Among the things that led to the “thirteen months I’ve vacated from my memory” was players trying to profit from their equipment. Silly athlete… only the University can do that, as was evidenced by the University of Oregon (yup, again). While a lot of schools (Ohio State included) do this, I found this part of the article pretty poignant-

You might remember Mark Asper. Big guy. Played very well. Saved a choking man’s life a few days before the Rose Bowl, which generated some fairly positive publicity for his school.

Hey Mark, what do you think of the auction?

“It’s just like another scheme, another wrinkle where the university, the football program and Nike are gonna make tons of money off me and my buddies,” Asper says.

“The Status Quo Is Off The Table”

That quote was the talking point today at the end of the BCS meetings in Florida, and it seems as if we’ve seen the end of the current morass.  Before we get all excited and stuff, though, let’s remember that we’ve been down this road before- this whole thing came from people being dissatisified with the “Bowls and Polls” National Title decisions in the 80’s and before. Then, we matched the top two teams, and everyone got their knickers in a knot about people being “excluded”. So, they came up with another formula, and tweaked, and tweaked it, and tweaked it… and here we are.  Short of some sort of “best of seven” tournament with 120 schools, there will always be someone who’s miffed and screaming for more change.

And yet, here we are at the beginnings of the next (not better, just different) phase in this process. Here’s the stuff you need to know from the week thus far.

In all of these discussions, they still haven’t addressed my top three issues:

  1. Need a game north of Kentucky (St. Louis, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Minneapolis… where ever.
  2. Conference champions only. You don’t like that? Change conferences- otherwise the regular season is worthless.
  3. No independents. Make up your mind, Notre Dame – you wanna play Stanford and USC and Navy and Air Force, or do you want to play for the national title?

Question- Will this kick start the next round of conference expansion? I certainly hope so.

Also, as a dose of cold water- as soon as we get a 4 game “event”, the complaining will start about “how to we chose the top 4?” and “how are we going to create the matchups” and “why do they get a home field advantage” and “why did TEAM X get left out, when they’ve had a better end of the season”.  Folks, this ain’t gonna’ solve anything and might actually make things worse (see current situation). But, we can just sit back and enjoy the ride…

And Finally

  • Wow. Just Wow.

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