Andrew Pitz: Justice for the victims was served

Andrew Pitz: Justice for the victims was served

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Andrew Pitz: Justice for the victims was served

Former Penn State long snapper Andrew Pitz says justice has been served to the victims of former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky. Pitz, an Iowa native, was asked about his reaction to the verdict that came down Friday night by Hawk Central‘s Randy Peterson.

Andrew Pitz. Photo: PSU Live

“Just as when top business executives make poor decisions and it reflects on the entire company, or our political leaders do things to hurt the image of the United States, the actions of Jerry (Sandusky) and whatever else may have occurred may hurt the image Penn Staters work so hard to uphold,” said Pitz.

“But I can’t stress enough that this is not representative of Penn State as a whole.”

More selected quotes from Pitz, via Hawk Central:

“I think Penn State’s reputation has been hurt some, especially in the court of public opinion,” he said. “Despite the negative press our university has suffered recently from people who don’t understand the quality of the institution, I know Penn State is one of the country’s top universities.”

“It’s sad that seemingly much of the country thinks Penn State is a poisonous campus full of pedophiles, when in reality, it is still a great institution whose alums are creating jobs, researching and developing medical advancements, and helping those in need.”

Read the full interview here.

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