Updates on Nittany Lions Den changes, Pinterest and more

Updates on Nittany Lions Den changes, Pinterest and more

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Updates on Nittany Lions Den changes, Pinterest and more

It has been a long summer and for many reasons the wait to get to the next college football season has been exhausting. As we prepare to flip our calenders from August to September and attempt to get back to somewhat of a sense of normalcy, Nittany Lions Den is more than ready to rock and roll for season two.

Some of our regular readers may have picked up on a few changes on the site today. Before I packed my bags for an early (extended) weekend trip to the shore for the weekend I wanted to give the site a few quick updates before heading out in anticipation for our first football week of the season. The intent is to clean things up a bit and hopefully enhance the user experience with Nittany Lions Den before we get bombarded with the regular football grind.

Here is a quick rundown of some of the changes and features that I hope you find beneficial to your experience here at Nittany Lions Den…

Updated Menu: Like Applebees and Olive Garden occasionally do, we have updated our main menu. The purpose was to remove some links that seemed redundant and to introduce some new or updated links to explore. Some of the links will lead off of our main site, but will lead you to partner sites.

New Forum: Among the new menu items is a link to our official message board, hosted by No 2-Minute Warning. The forum is free to use and the plan is to initiate game threads within the forum for each football game, as well as highlight some stories from the site and spark new conversations within our (hopefully) growing community.

Some kinks are being ironed out but the forum should be open for business now. Feel free to start up the conversation if you have something on your mind.

Official Merchandise Parner Link: We recently introduced our new partnership with Gameday Goods. We are the official affiliate of Penn State merchandise. Clicking this link will take you directly to the Penn State section of what Gameday Goods has to offer. Be sure to use the coupon code NITTANYLIONS so you can save 10% off of your order.

Fan Tab Returns: We will be tracking the fan confidence in Penn State football all season long and you can help with the continuing rating on the right side of the page. Stop by the site each week before and after that week’s game and sign in to Fan Tab using your Facebook or Twitter account and rank your confidence in the Nittany Lions, from 0 (no confidence) to 100 (supreme football culture confidence). We’ll incorporate the fan confidence rating in to various stories when we can.

Subscribe for updates by email: You can Nittany Lions Den content emailed directly to you as the site is updated by signing up for email updates, operated and maintained by Google’s FeedBurner.

WE ARE… ON PINTEREST! Pinterest is the third most popular social network on the Internet and we are revamping our page to get the most out of it as well. We will share photos, videos and stories from our site as well as highlight some choice items from our store from time to time, and we will be expanding our boards to dig deeper in to the site and Penn State football world and more. Check us out and start following all or some of our boards.

Of course, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. We will be incorporating Google+ hangouts in to our schedule next week.

More to Come: We will be adding ways to share the Runner’s High Podcast and our own football podcast next week, so stay tuned for that to be worked in to the layout.

Again, I hope this helps you enjoy and get more out of our site this coming season than you did last year. We always have some big plans and hopefully we can fulfill them and meet or exceed your expectations this season. If you have any questions or comments please never feel shy about using our contact page.

Next week we get back to the grind with actual football talk, and it should be an interesting ride for all. Thanks for reading and supporting our site.

But for me, the shore calls. Until next week, I leave the site in the good hands of our trusty staff. Trat them kindly!

Kevin McGuire, Managing Editor

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