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Cowbell Kingdom Podcast Ep 61: Sacramento Kings point guard Aaron Brooks and Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee

The new Kings point guard joins Cowbell Kingdom on media day and the Kings beat writer checks in from Colorado Springs.

by Jonathan Santiago James Ham

 Aaron Brooks following the Sacramento Kings' first practice of the 2012-13 (Photo: Jonathan Santiago)

On this week’s Cowbell Kingdom Podcast, we introduce you to Aaron Brooks, the Sacramento Kings’ newest point guard.  We also check in with Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee, who’s in Colorado Springs covering the team’s first week of training camp.


In China, Brooks was asked to sacrifice offensively to his teammates who were members of the Chinese National Team.  How will that experience help him with the Kings, where he will be required to defer to DeMarcus Cousins and Tyreke Evans?

I’m always used to deferring.  I think there was probably one year where I didn’t defer to anyone and that was the year I got Most Improved (Player).  But, I played with T-Mac (Tracy McGrady) and Yao Ming, Ron (Artest), Trevor (Ariza).  I played with some good players that I had to defer and make sure they got the ball in areas they needed to be.  In China, I don’t think I deferred – I just made sure that everybody was involved in the game.  Egos had to be fed and that was fine.  And I wanted everybody to succeed and that helped us make it to the championship.

It wouldn’t shock Jones if Marcus Thornton were relegated to a role off the Kings’ bench.  What does he think of the possibility of Thornton becoming the Kings’ sixth man?

I think Marcus’ game would work as a sixth man.  I think he’d still play the same number of minutes if he were the sixth man versus starting.  But I don’t know if Marcus wants to do that.  The guy came out – he averaged 18 a game (and) led the team in scoring.  It’s going to be a hard sell for Keith (Smart) to tell the guy who led him in scoring last season “Hey, you should be a sixth man now.”


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