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On the Other Hand...

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On the Other Hand...


Today I think its important that we all take a step back and look at our current coaches behavior and how it is being perceived outside our crimson bubble of unquestioned Mike Leach worship and adulation. The consensus? Not necessarily in favor of our new coach:

Dave Boling

Stewart Mandel

Vince Grippi

Bud Withers

John Blanchette

Jim Moore

Look, I don’t like Marques Wilson walking out on his teammates, and I am not advocating a return to Paul Wulff, so lets just put that aside. I am, however, very concerned that our coach is going out of his way to make Ed Cunningham look like a genius. That doesn’t mean I don’t support the team, or I have a loser mentality, it just means that I am actually paying attention. The current situation this team finds itself in, suffering embarrassing losses, having physical confrontations in the locker room, and star players quitting the team, may just be the necessary growing pain we have to endure to achieve eventual success. We’re just ripping off the bandaid, as it were. But there are very legitimate concerns about our coaches ability to deal with the current  failures in a way that does not compound them and make things worse.

From the public shaming of specific players, to the antagonistic confrontations with a press that is not even close to hostile (yet), our coach is making an ass of himself and our fanbase is mostly cheering him on. More and more I am starting to realize that when some people refer to our coach as “TSO”, it isn’t necessarily a term of endearment.

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