LISTEN: Patrick Patterson talks Kings/Rockets trade, Seattle/Sacramento and DeMarcus Cousins

LISTEN: Patrick Patterson talks Kings/Rockets trade, Seattle/Sacramento and DeMarcus Cousins

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LISTEN: Patrick Patterson talks Kings/Rockets trade, Seattle/Sacramento and DeMarcus Cousins


Patrick Patterson vs. Jason Thompson  (Photo: Ron Nabity)

News 10 caught up with the newest member of the Sacramento Kings today.  Below are some excerpts from Patrick Patterson‘s interview with Ryan Yamamoto and Sean Cunningham, followed by audio of their complete conversation.

Patterson is arriving in Sacramento tomorrow for his physical and hopes to join the team for their game against New Orleans on Sunday.  How shocked was he by the move that sent him from Houston to California’s capital city?

For me, it was a big surprise.  I had no idea or any clue that I was going to get traded.  I believe that somebody was going to get traded just because since I’ve been there, there’s always been a trade before the deadline happened during this time period.  But for myself, I had a belief that I was still going to be in a Houston Rockets uniform, but obviously it didn’t work out that way.   And they had told me prior to the game, called me into the office, sat me down, talked to me and told me what the trade was and who I was going (to).  And yeah that was it, but overall I was definitely surprised, shocked, taken little aback and caught off guard…

Patterson is joining a team in turmoil and in the midst of uncertainty.  The new Kings forward has watched the Kings relocation saga unfold from afar and is well aware of what he’s getting himself into.

Of course, I’ve seen the news.  I’ve been up to date with the whole Sacramento/Seattle situation as far as the team moving.  But the only thing I’ve been focused on is the team.  I know Sacramento has a great fanbase .  The fans bleed purple.  They stand behind their time and they have throughout the course of this whole ordeal.  So whatever happens, happens.  Hopefully for the best interest of the team, the organization, it all works out in the end.  But as far as where the team will be, that’s no concern to me.  It’s all about me being a part of that team wherever it goes – whether it stays or leaves – and just developing great chemistry with my teammates and improving on and off that court.

Patterson played his college ball at Kentucky with DeMarcus Cousins.  He says the two are friends, but not extremely close.  The two have kept in touch periodically through text messages since they left the Wildcats in 2010.  However, Patterson is hoping that his ties to the mercurial center will be a benefit to the Kings locker room.

I’m hoping that I can.  I’ve always been a huge fan of DeMarcus.  I’ve always been a firm believer that all these negative thoughts and statements and comments on him aren’t true.  I’ve never believed them.  I’ve always thought he was a tremendous kid and even better athlete and basketball player.  I’ve had total confidence in him.  And DeMarcus is a guy who always shows his emotions, whether they’re bad or whether they’re good and I’ve always been a huge fan of his game.  He’s one of the best big men in the NBA and hopefully I can go over there and do whatever it takes to help him out in anyway possible on and off the court.  But to me, DeMarcus is fine.  He’s only going to get better, he’s only going to improve and he’s only going to be a better person in time.  It just takes work.  He’s been doing a great job since he’s came into the league in my opinion.

Patterson started at power forward for the Rockets, a team in the hunt for a spot in the Western Conference playoffs.  Now that he’s joining a squad that’s likely out of the postseason chase, does he expect to start or come off the bench?

Honestly, I don’t know.  Whether I start or whether I come off the bench – as long I’m playing, as long I get some solid playing time, as long as I’m contributing to the team in one way or another and as long as we win, I’m totally fine.  Of course, I’d love to start, but to me that’s not a main issue, that’s not a big factor.

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