Lions sign punter Blake Clingan

Lions sign punter Blake Clingan

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Lions sign punter Blake Clingan


Punters are people, too. 

Believe it or not, one of the more frustrating things about the Lions last year was the punter, Nick Harris (or as I should've liked to call him, Nick "Weak Kick" Harris).

I realize punters are already at a disadvantage with fans because they saunter out onto the field after three-and-outs and stalled drives when fans are already understandably irritable, and because they're punters. But Harris only exacerbated things. His 41.5 yards per punt was dead last in the NFL in 2012. I half expected his leg to shatter on each punt like Sweet Dee's did after she let her hair down. 

I don't think having a top punter in the NFL is imperative, but having one that doesn't suck is appropriate. So the Lions signing a new punter is big news to me. His name is Blake "Hang it" Clingan from UCF. His college numbers don't jump out at you and scream "LEG!" (he only averaged 41.8 yards per kick his senior year), but averages tend to go up from college. 

Clingan's highlight punting videos are below: 

via Pride of Detroit

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