Jhonny Peralta got clammy from clam chowder

Jhonny Peralta got clammy from clam chowder

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Jhonny Peralta got clammy from clam chowder


Jhonny Peralta was scratched from the Tigers' lineup on March 11 after falling ill due to a food allergy. The food? I'll let the team's lineup Doctor, Jim Leyland, tell ya [via Freep]: 

“He ate clam chowder, and he’s allergic to it,” manager Jim Leyland said. “He didn’t realize it was clam chowder, so he got clammy and didn’t feel too good."

Was it the red or the white? Ah, I can never remember that. 

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Peralta vomited — a lot — but you should know that he didn't get any [vomit] on his face. [via Freep]:

“I thought it was potato soup,” Peralta said. “I didn’t see the name on the soup. I tried to eat it, and I got a bad reaction. Like, in 20 minutes, I know something’s wrong. My stomach is sick, throw up. “I know it is dangerous, but for me, it’s more my stomach. I get really sick. Nothing on my face, but throw up a lot.”

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