Detroit Pistons power rankings (of remaining games worth watching)

Detroit Pistons power rankings (of remaining games worth watching)

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Detroit Pistons power rankings (of remaining games worth watching)


Wait a second – on the eve of the greatest three weeks in all of sports, you’re going to talk about the grossly-out-of-contention Detroit Pistons??  

Come on, they deserve their one shining moment, too.

With 13 games left in the regular season and 12.5 games out of 8th place in the Eastern Conference, it’s safe to say you can write the Pistons off for making a big push at a playoff run.  And with Opening Day for the Tigers only 12 days away, and the aforementioned March Madness tournament about get underway, it’s possible that Pistons viewing might get put on the back burner.

But we can’t let that happen! You don’t want to miss out on lottery tanking, super-duper athletic opponents or the potential and much anticipated return of Andre Drummond!

So with that in mind, below are the power rankings of Pistons games still worth watching and their dramatic story lines:

5) @Toronto, 4/1 – “Jose’s Jomecoming”

How will the Air Canada Centre’s crowd react to Jose Calderon’s first return to Toronto? Will he get booed or cheered – and how will he respond when the game’s on the line? How much French fries and gravy will Jason Maxiell eat? So many questions!

4) vs. Chicago, 4/7 – “Rose Returns?”

Purely speculative, but if Derrick Rose was going return this season to help the Bulls with a playoff run, wouldn’t you want to ease into things against Pistons with five games remaining? He says he won’t return until he has complete confidence in his surgically repair knee, even though he’s been medically cleared. What better way to gain that confidence than playing in front of a lackluster team and 900 person crowd in Detroit? We’ll just have to talk to Reggie Rose to confirm.

3) @Boston, 4/3 – “For Old Timers Sake”

The Boston Celtics will be jockeying for playoff position on the backs of aging stars Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. At 36, this might be the last hoorah for Garnett, as he’s alluded to retiring in recent months. So wouldn’t it be nice if the Pistons could rally to give Garnett one last “Eff you, you son of a bitch?”

2) vs. Charlotte, 4/12 – “Tank-a-palooza”

Oh boy. This is the motherload. With just three games remaining, the Pistons will be in full-fledge tank mode. But will the bumbling Bobcats foil their plans of lottery domination? Nothing but hilarity can ensue from this game, and the unintentional comedy factor is going to be through the roof! Will BJ Mullens’ 13 points and 8 rebounds be enough to overcome Rodney Stuckey’s 12 points, 5 assists and 4 turnovers? Tune in to find out!

1)  @Miami 3/22 – “Thy Kingdom Come”

Because the Heat are chasing a historical win streak. And because they are virtuosos on offense and defense. And because LeBron James is the best player in the world. And because of this:

Hide yo kids, hide yo Brandon Knight.

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