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What are the odds the Blues make the playoffs?

Following a disappointing loss to the Chicago Blackhawks on Sunday afternoon, the Blues were left with just seven regular season games on their 2013 schedule. After 41 games, the Blues have 48 points which is good enough for 6th in the West.

With the Western Conference so tightly contested, what are the odds the Blues will make the playoffs? The answer is a bit more promising than you might expect.

There’s a fun site called Sports Club Stats which aims to answer the exact question above. They strive to place a percentage on whether or not your team will make the playoffs based on a variety of factors (strength of opponent, home vs. away, etc.) and simulations. They spit out a result that they believe accurately depicts the most realistic odds of success, or in some cases, failure.

Following the loss to Chicago, St. Louis has a 95.8% chance of making the playoffs. This number was higher, but the team’s inability to get the puck past Corey Crawford dropped their odds by 1.9%.

The simulation suggests the Blues need 56 points to guarantee themselves a playoff spot. With 55 points, the odds are still tremendous with the site estimating the Blues have a 99% chance of finishing in one of the top eight spots. Things begin to trail off starting with 54 points (92.7% chance) and really start diving down with 53 points (72%) and 52 points (40.4%).

Essentially, according to one site’s analysis and simulations, the Blues need to secure between six and eight of the remaining 14 points to essentially lock up a spot. Obviously, these are only projections so you shouldn’t consider them as fact, but it’s safe to say the Blues will need half of their remaining points to clear themselves a bit of room in the West.

If you’re looking for more traditional odds and bets, check out some of the sportsbooks online and see what they have to say about various online betting establishments and lines.

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