Rasheed Wallace Retires. Again.

Rasheed Wallace Retires. Again.

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Rasheed Wallace Retires. Again.


My favorite Piston of the New Bad Boys era, Rasheed Wallace, has officially retired for the second time in his career because of foot surgery. In his prime, he was as tough of a matchup as there was in the league, and his mid-season acquisition was the main reason Detroit won a championship in 2004. He also made everyone hate Darko slightly less.

But that’s probably not all we’ll remember the enigmatic star for. So in honor of his second retirement, let’s play a little Rasheed Wallace Free Word Association game:

Sun tattoo, technical foul, technical foul record, suspension, great teammate, headband, yessir!, left handed three, All-Star, North Carolina, blonde spot, wait that’s not a blond spot? Oh it’s a bald spot – OK, defense, I wish he actually would have beat up Tim Donaghy, high-release jumper, guaranSheed, championship belt, 30, 36, 30, hilarity, Robert Horry’s wide open…Sheed don’t leave your man NOOOOOOOO!, game winning three quarter court shot, both teams played hard, passion, 2004 NBA championship…

And everybody’s favorite –


Anything I left out?

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