Tom Brookens screws up again

Tom Brookens screws up again

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Tom Brookens screws up again


Gene Lamont probably got a bad rep over the years and I tried to defend him a few times over the last couple seasons. Well, Tom Brookens has been third base coach for the Tigers all of 18.5 games and he has already screwed up royally at least twice.

Unfortunately, both times has involved ill-advisedly sending Victor Martinez. V-Mart is 34 and is coming off missing a season due to knee surgery. He's no spring chicken, so let's try not to push the envelope with him, okay?

On Wednesday night, Mr. Brookens did that and to boot, it was against Jeff Francoeur's arm, which would require a license in some states. It resulted in the easiest 9-2 assist I've seen in a long time: 

Brookens isn't the only person to screw up here, though. As the video shows, Fielder should've grabbed the bat that was resting dangerously on the baseline and then should've given more than a half-ass signal for V-Mart to get down. V-Mart wasn't getting down and definitely wasn't going to slide straight into the catcher. V-Mart ultimately took the best route, which was veering right and straight to the dugout, safe and sound. 

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