Titus Young gets arrested, then arrested

Titus Young gets arrested, then arrested

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Titus Young gets arrested, then arrested



During the 2011 NFL Draft, former NFL wide receiver Titus Young felt like Barry Sanders was passing him the torch when he called his name with the 44th overall pick. Titus might have had the right idea, but it definitely wasn’t Barry doing any torch passing. Might Charles Rogers have been passing something instead?

According to the Oakland Press, Titus Young was arrested not once, but twice on Sunday by the Moreno Valley Police Department in Southern California. The first arrest occurred just after midnight when Titus was pulled over for an illegal left turn and arrested for suspicion of drunk driving. He was booked, issued a citation and released.

Titus, not one known for calling it quits, found himself in yet another pickle when he was caught trying to break into impound later that day. He was attempting to steal back his black Ford Mustang. The MVPD arrested Titus again, this time for burglary, and booked him in the same detention center. They did not charge him with stealing from the Ford Family.

Apparently, Titus Young is just as delusional about his abilities as a criminal as his abilities as a football player. It’s too bad he already quit got canned from his day job. Maybe he won’t beat Barry in any record books, but he does have at least one nailed down…

Detroit Lions (Unofficial) Record Book for Time Elapsed Between Arrests

15 Hours– Former WR Titus Young

Folks, you can put this one up there with Wilt’s 100, Gretzy’s career points and DiMaggio’s hitting streak of awe-inspiring records that will never be broken.

22 days- RB Mikel Leshoure

In 2012 Mikel was pulled over for going 92 mph on I-94 and arrested for marijuana possession. After stewing on it for almost a month, he decided the trick was to eat your weed during police traffic stops and landed in the slammer again.

31 days- RB Mikel Leshoure

Mikel helps cement himself on the list after failing to miss his ensuing court date and having a warrant issued for his arrest. He was able to work it out with the court so he didn't face contempt charges, but missing your initial court date after two marijuana arrests is impressive nonetheless. His spot as RB1 all of a sudden looked less cushiony.

54 days- DT Nick Fairley

Arrested April 3rd 2012 for possession of marijuana and May 27th 2012 for DUI, reckless driving, attempted fleeing/eluding and perhaps most gangsta of all, no proof of insurance.

Honorable Mention- Former WR Charles Rogers

Charles was arrested five times between 2008 and 2011, but surprisingly his arrest relapse time had a much larger margin than the fellas listed above.  He does get special brownie points for flare, though. If anyone can make a move on Titus, it’s a man with truly special talent such as Charles.

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