Red Wings fan shakes her boobs

Red Wings fan shakes her boobs

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Red Wings fan shakes her boobs


During a break in the action of Game 4 on Monday night, while the refs and crew were tending to broken plexiglass, a very spirited Red Wings fan decided to grab her breasticles and shake them for all they're worth (lots of $1 bills, one or two would think). 

Have a look and in case you miss it the first time, this video has super slow mo: 

Thanks to our friends at Busted Coverage and Guyism, linked above, we know this peacocking (peaboobsing?) babe is Alexis Gilroy (or Sixela____ on Twitter). She says she wasn't drunk and her boobs are 100% real. I'm not sure if I'm more weirded out by the fact she was actually deciding to do this sober or that she has the same first name as my 4-month old daughter. 

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