Swallowing Game 7 sadness

Swallowing Game 7 sadness

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Swallowing Game 7 sadness


Game 7 was Wednesday night; it's Friday morning and I think I'm 100-percent over the loss now. (I'll retract that statement when the puck drops Saturday afternoon.)

That's all I really have to say.

Okay, it's not.

The Red Wings were fantastic, in my opinion – outplaying their talent threshold all playoffs and creating some really exciting playoff hockey in the process. In the third period of Game 7, I tweeted that the sequence of non-stop action was like the best scenes from Top Gun. (And then it felt like Goose died in OT.) It's the most fun I remember having while watching playoff hockey since the '09 Cup.

Not that the 7-game series against Phoenix the following year or the 7-game series loss to the Sharks the following year weren't full of fun moments; I just expected more then and much less this year, and I got pleasurably surprised. 

Thank you, Red Wings, for proving my pre-lockout-shortened-season prediction wrong and playing the unlikely underdog role so beautifully. Now, go get better and make it 23 straight playoff appearances next year, when the expectations will undoubtedly be risen once again. 




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