Herman Moore catches a touchdown pass from Matthew Stafford

Herman Moore catches a touchdown pass from Matthew Stafford

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Herman Moore catches a touchdown pass from Matthew Stafford


Herman Moore was my favorite wide receiver growing up. Calvin Johnson gets the nod for my all-time favorite wide receiver nowadays, but Moore will always have a special place in my heart – I still have his oversized authentic jersey collecting moths in my closet. Moore caught 670 passes for over 9,000 yards and 62 touchdowns in over a decade in the NFL. Like Megatron, Moore was physically imposing at 6-4, 210, but he didn't have the same God-given gifts like Calvin. But, still, if Moore played with a better quarterback and I was into online football betting, I bet Moore would've had an even more successful career than he already did. 

So it was especially neat to see him catch a touchdown pass from my favorite Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford during training camp this past week. Easy fade route. Easy lob. Easy catch over naturally lost Lions defensive back. Easy practice touchdown. 

See for yourself: 

Moore may not have what it takes to line up at wide out for the Lions anymore, but I'm sure he could start for the New York Jets (although his quarterbacks might make him look bad). Speaking of the Jets, your 2008 preseason champs take on the Jets on Friday night in the 2013 preseason opener. Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford figure to play a couple series before giving way to the rest of the depth chart. Hopefully they can connect on an easy touchdown like Stafford-Moore did in practice this week. (Moore is now a broadcaster for Eastern Michigan.) 

Go Leos! 

(video via Detroit Lions Official Twitter)

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