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Olynyk, Rondo only Celtics getting action from Vegas

KOEarlier this week we told you that 27% of NBA GMs consider Kelly Olylnyk the steal of the draft. That won’t necessarily translate into the Rookie of the Year but Vegas has listed KO one of the frontrunners for the award.

Here are the NBA odds:

Victor Oladipo   2-1

Trey Burke   5-1

Cody Zeller  5-1

Ben McLemore  7-1

CJ McCollum 8-1

Kelly Olynyk  17-2

The Celtics aren’t getting much play in NBA prop bets.

Rajon Rondo is 7-2 to lead the league in assists (behind Chris Paul 3-2 and Deron Williams 3-1) and 75-1 to win MVP.

The over/under on the team’s win total is 27.5.

I’m not advocating any particular wagers, but a little action might help us get through this season.

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Questions & Answers (5)
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  1. Question

    Over/Under on win total is 27.5?

    Take everything you own…bet the under…you will never have to work another day for the rest of your life {unless you truly love your job}!

  2. Question

    I like Cody Zeller as ROY. Oladipo will be very good in orlando but I feel Charlotte will look for Zeller to carry the offense at various points throughout the season.

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