Matthew Stafford mic'd up vs. Cowboys

Matthew Stafford mic'd up vs. Cowboys

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Matthew Stafford mic'd up vs. Cowboys


Matthew Stafford's first 'wired for sound' was his gutsy last second game winning touchdown pass against the Cleveland Browns during his rookie season. 'The kind of thing that endears you to a city,' said Dan Miller, as Stafford went under center with a dislocated left shoulder.

Miller's quote is one you should never forget, but just in case you did, Stafford reminded Lions fans on Sunday vs. Dallas why he's the quarterback Detroit has been missing since the 1950s. 

Stafford led an incredible last-minute drive with the Lions trailing by a touch, maneuvering out of the pocket to find space to throw, firing lasers and threading the needle when needed most, all before fooling everyone on the field with a fake-spike leap into the end zone on 1st and goal from a foot outside the end zone. Bedlam. 

NFL had him wired for the entire thing, and it'll make the hairiest-armed man horripilate:


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