Brad Ausmus is really neat

Brad Ausmus is really neat

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Brad Ausmus is really neat


I don't mean 'neat' in the informal sense of the word; I mean he's habitually tidy, according to Craig Calcaterra at Hardball Talk in an article titled, 'Brad Ausmus did not stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night. He didn't have to.':

Ausmus’ manner is free and easy and he’s quick with a joke, but he’s not hilarious the way Jim Leyland often is. And he doesn’t give a flip answer to anything. Even if it seems like he’s talking off the top of his head, you get the impression that he has already considered everything you might ask. Any subject that might come up. It’s an organized brain. It’s evident in his speaking and manner.

It’s even evident by looking at his desk. Every notepad, pen, stapler, and electronic device was neatly and squarely placed on his desk. More neatly than I’ve ever seen on anyone’s desk. It’s like those guys who arrange the place settings with rulers for royal dinners arranged his desk. And you can tell he likes it that way. During his interview, he sat in a side chair and let one of the veteran Tigers reporters sit in his desk chair, partially as a joke, partially out of actual respect. At one point the reporter knocked over his empty McDonald’s coffee cup on Ausmus’ desk calendar. It made no mess, not even a drop, and the reporter quickly picked it up and resumed his question.

Unless, as I was, you were looking right at Ausmus to see his reaction, you may not have noticed that, just for a moment, he dropped his free-and-easy demeanor. That something was interrupted in the intellectual order of his universe for a second. He focused on the cup and the calendar and was briefly concerned that chaos had entered his office. As soon as it was clear that there was no disaster, he snapped back to attention to matters at hand. Control and order had once again been restored.

I'd like for somebody to report back on this in six months. Who doesn't keep their desk in order their first couple weeks on the job??? Not that the ruggedly handsome skipper isn't a little more well-kempt and has better interview manners than Jim Leyland, but color me skeptical of the small sample size. 

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