Johan Franzen responds to Chris Neil's nonsense

Johan Franzen responds to Chris Neil's nonsense

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Johan Franzen responds to Chris Neil's nonsense


Chris Neil's unbuckling of Johan Franzen's helmet, punching him in the side of the head and ramming him into the boards got some play. Questions were asked and answers were given. Chris Neil brought up cosmetics [via Puck Daddy]:

“I’m there first shift and any shift he wants,” he said after Senators' practice Friday. “He wants to drop his purse, take the lipstick out, put it on his lips and ‘Let’s go.’ Anytime. Any day. Anywhere. I’m 6-foot-1, 215 lbs. He’s 6-foot-4, 240 lbs. I’m giving up height. I’m giving up weight. I’m not scared of him. Bring it on.”

Not sure why you'd put on lipstick before a fight. But I never played the game, so I'll defer to Neil on this one.

“I’d take my cape off he took the yellow streak off down the middle of his back," Neil added, and when asked what in the Hell that even means, he continued.

“You know that streak? It means a gutless streak. When a guy comes across the blueline and pokes you in the groin with his stick in a 6-1 game and chops guys that’s a no brainer. He’s going to get it."

(more from MLIVE“He doesn’t even try to defend himself. That’s the worst part about it,” Neil said. “He’s saying, ‘Hit me, hit me.’ Yeah, I will hit you. That’s the bottom line. A good player like that and he can’t stick up for himself? It’s a joke. Especially when you play like that.”

Johan Franzen replied beautifully: 


Yes, yes, that is a mic drop.

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