Tigers need to get on Mud Hens level

Tigers need to get on Mud Hens level

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Tigers need to get on Mud Hens level


The Toledo Mud Hens got creative in trying to melt all the snow at Fifth Third Field by taking their tarp and turning it into a tarp dome: 

Jake and his grounds crew have created a temporary 'hot zone dome' by using the rain tarp, putting snow around the edges and then using heaters to pump heat underneath the tarp. The heaters are pumping an estimated one million BTU's inside the temporary dome, which is cranking up the heat to around 70-72 degrees inside. The focus, initially, is on the infield portion of the field, but the dome will be moved to other portions of the field over the next week.


The Tigers tried to emulate the Mud Hens, but they put up a Double-A effort: 

In fact, the Tigers don't even have a field at the moment.

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