The MLB over the years have changed their stance on PEDs but will it get better this season. The MLB Creates New Drug Deal For 2014 | The Sports Daily

The MLB Creates New Drug Deal For 2014

The MLB Creates New Drug Deal For 2014

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The MLB Creates New Drug Deal For 2014


[Photo: Associated Press]

According to Associated Press, the MLB reportedly intends to raise PEDs suspension for the 2014 season. The MLB commissioner Bud Selig and management are prepared to reach a new drug deal that would raise PEDs suspension and create tougher penalties for baseball players.

Ronald Blum, the writer of the Associated Press, reported that the MLB management hopes the agreement between two sides will be reached by Sunday, March 30.

Although the length for suspension have not been determined, according to Blum regarding MLB’s new drug policy, the first offense would be 80-game suspension, second offense would be 160-game, and third offense would be a lifetime.

The MLB management and players acknowledge that using PEDs to simply boost athletic performance is a form of cheating. Not only have athletes cheated themselves, but they have also cheated the league, organization, and fans. The MLB management is working on removing the intentional cheats in baseball.

Travis Tygart, chief executive officer of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, made a statement in a telephone interview:

“It will be a significant deterrent because the players will know they’re not going to just easily walk back into a lineup. It probably is the best policy in professional sports.”

“What we’re here for it to rid sports of the intentional cheats, those who are intending to defraud both the fans and their fellow teammates, the integrity of competition. You want to have provision in place that allows for whether there’s an inadvertent or a truly non-intentional situation which may arise.”

There is no surprise that the Alex Rodriguez’s suspension created the media madness last year, so the MLB management attempts to concentrate on creating on their toughness regarding PEDs sanction and increasing penalties. Some players publicly advocated that increased suspension is a good idea.

Since the 2006 season, under the MLB’s drug policy, the offense would be 50-game suspension, 100-game for a second offense, and a lifetime for a third offense. As of now, the MLB creates a new tougher drug policy. Clearly, the MLB is less likely to be forgivable for baseball players.

Blum also documented that some players remarked suspension should conduct to enormous financial losses. The new deal shows that a player should not obtain his earnings during a season-long suspension. Currently, the deal claimed that a player loses as many days’ pay as games he is suspended.

As the MLB’s new drug policy presents on the table, it becomes tougher now. Yet, creating a new drug policy should be a good business for the league. The MLB management will do everything in its power to ensure that the game and competition of baseball is fair and reasonable. They sincerely hope that the MLB’s new drug policy will be successful for a long time.

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