Rod Allen Drinking Game 2014

Rod Allen Drinking Game 2014

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Rod Allen Drinking Game 2014


The Rod Allen Drinking Game was originally created by Big Al at the now-defunct Wayne Fontes Experience and has since been updated over the years by D4L (and one year at Walk Off Woodward).  It has officially become cemented as a drunken-staple in the Detroit sports community.  And it’s not just a brainless, alcoholic’s activity, either — there are things you can learn from playing. If your livers survived gaming experience in years past, put ’em to the test again in 2014.


*If Rod is on national television, all drinks are doubled.

* Before the game, decide on one of these commercials (Belle Tire, Little Caesars, Bernstein’s or Dr. Rahmani, ACE Hardware) and drink 3 each time the selected commercial comes on. Also drink three when a local/regional commercial comes on (H/T @TheCaseDogg)

1 DRINK ——————————————————

When Rod says the Tigers have the best fans in baseball, everyone must raise their beverage and take one drink (drink double if the Tigers are on the road).

When Rod agrees with Mario and says, “you’ve got that right” or shortens it to just “that’s right.”

When Rod says, “without question.”

When Rod says, “legit.”

When Rod says, “oh, for sure” or “no doubt”

When Rod calls a player “special.”

When Rod starts a sentence with “for whatever reason” or “make no mistake.”

When Rod says “big fella” (drink double if he is referring to someone other than Miguel Cabrera or Prince Fielder).

When Rod says “cheese” in reference to a pitch (drink double if Rod is actually talking about cheese).

When Rod responds to Mario by saying, “good point.”

When Rod says “look no further.”

When Rod does the “Belle Tire Pitch-by-Pitch.”

When Rod mentions a sponsor.

When Rod says “He got all of that!”

When Rod says “out of the gate”

When Rod mentions the Kinsler for Fielder trade (double if their commercial is mentioned or played)

When Mario ends the inning by saying “Tigers threaten but do not score”

2 DRINKS —————————————————

Whenever FOX shows a player who has a noticeable dip (chewing tobacco) in their mouth. Double if it is Austin Jackson or Justin Verlander. Triple (that’s 6, math fans) if a player is in the middle of putting it in. (H/T @TheCaseDogg)

Whenever A FOX Sports Detroit girl is shown or mentioned.

3 DRINKS —————————————————

When Rod says, “pahdnuh.”

When Rod says, “I see you _____!”

When Rod awkwardly says “I see you.” in an ACE Hardware commercial.

When Rod is shown in the booth, all players must yell, “I see you, Rod!” and drink 3.

When a player shows bunt and Rod mentions this as being a “good idea.”

When Rod says that a player or coach can “flat out” do something.

When Rod starts a sentence with “them boys.”

When Rod comes up with a nickname for a recent call-up (drink double if the nickname is something other than a shortening of his name or initials, i.e. ‘A-Jax’ or ‘Q’).

When Rod classifies something as a “major league,” such as a hit or an at bat.

When Rod refers to an opposing player by a nickname (i.e. calls Felix Hernandez “King Felix”).

When Rod identifies a pitch as a “piece” (i.e. “change piece” or “slide piece”).

When Rod says that a hit was “majestic.”

When Rod wears hipster-chic black rimmed glasses.

When Rod refers to a players as “the absolute truth.”

When Rod says the phrase “professional hitter” or “professional pitcher.”

When Rod and Mario are wearing their FSN Detroit polos.

When Rod says, “filthy” (drink double if he is referring to Justin Verlander).

When Rod incorrectly answers the trivia question.

When Rod says that a pitcher has “easy gas.”

When Rod talks about food (drink double if the Tigers are in Kansas City and Rod is talking about barbecue; finish your drink if Rod or Mario plug a specific local restaurant)

When Rod makes any kind of reference to a player or his ability being “special.”

When Rod starts a sentence with “for whatever reason.”

When Rod says, “tremendous.”

When Rod says, “big fella.”

When Rod says, “cabby.”

When Rod starts a sentence with, “make no mistake.”

When Rod says, “look no further.”

When Rod says, “it’s better to be lucky than good.”

Whenever Rod reads the in game promo (double if it’s Tigers fantasy camp).

Whenever MARIO ends an inning saying, “Tigers threaten, but do not score.”

Whenever Rod says, “April in the D.” (triple if it is not April when said)

Whenever Rod appears in a non-Fox Sports Detroit related commercial.

When Rod mentions Miguel Carbera’s Triple Crown (double if he talks about “Cabby” getting another)

When Rod says “bullpen-by-committee.”

When Rod gushes over the Tigers batting lineup (double if he says it’s THE best in the AL).

When Rod gushes over the Tigers pitching staff (double if he says it’s THE best in the AL

When Rod plugs a ticket package or fan giveaway (drink double if it’s for the Red Wings, Lions, or Pistons)

When Rod mentions “Mr. I”  (double if he talks about Mr. I’s desperation to win a World Series; triple if he talks about Mr. I’s health)

When Rod mentions Nick Castellanos and that cat’s bright future with the club

When Rod calls Craig Monroe “C-Mo”

When the 2006 team is mentioned (drink double if Magglio’s walk-off homer in the ALCS is specifically mentioned)

5 DRINKS ————————————————

Whenever Rod says he talked to someone before the game. (Double if this comes at “batting practice”)

When showing the fans, you spot a Rod Allen poster (double if on the road).

Whenever Rod “feels sorry for the (opposing team/player)” after a pitchers stuff is especially “filthy” that day

When a Tigers player shows bunt and Rod does not mention it being a good idea.

When Rod says “stop it _____.” This usually comes when an opposing player is having a great game against the Tigers, but can also apply to Tiger doing really well (Drink double if he’s telling Don Kelly to stop it)

When Rod says that a player “better come correct.”

When Rod asks, “are you serious?!”

When Rod starts a sentence with “call me crazy, but…”

When Rod praises Ausmus for doing something different than Leyland. Such as running more (double the drinks if the move backfires. Naturally).

When Rod describes someone as being “old school.”

When Rod says the phrase, “the unintentional, intentional walk.”

When Rod correctly answers the trivia question.

When Rod says something is a “remedy for success.”

When Rod says, “big fly!”

Whenever Rod describes a pitch or a line drive as an “absolute seed.”

Whenever Rod says, “cat.”

Whenever Rod says a pitcher is throwing a “steady diet” of a certain pitch.

Whenever Rod asks, “are you kidding me?”

Whenever Rod sends out a tweet during the game.

Whenever Rod says a play got “into one’s kitchen.”

Whenever John Keating interrupts the game with highlights from around the MLB. (0 drinks if it is anyone else)

When Rod mentions Austin Jackson’s batting stance / approach at the plate

When Rod refers to Justin Verlander or Miguel Cabrera as “Gettin’ paid.” (Double if Rod mentions

When Rod refers to Max Scherzer’s contract situation (drink double if he talks about Max Scherzer’s eyes)

When Rod says, “ribeyes” or “steaks” when talking about runs batted in.

When Rod or Mario mention Brandon Inge, Ramon Santiago or Jeremy Bonderman

7 DRINKS ————————————————

Whenever Rod intentionally spells something out incorrectly to make a point: (That boy is B-A-D-D, bad! or Don Kelly is getting B-I-Z-Z-Y, busy! Or someone is S-M-O-O-V-E, smooth!)

When Rod describes someone as being “country strong!” (triple if he is still talking about Marcus Thames)

When Rod says the phrase, “oh no he didn’t.”

When Rod says, “baseball’s a great game.”

If Rod or Mario make a reference to any pitcher yelling at himself on the mound

Whenever Rod says a player “looks good in his uniform.” (double if he is talking about Brad Ausmus)

When Rod specifically talks about how handsome Brad Ausmus is (or the ladies loving Ausmus)

When Rod says, “contact to damage ratio.” (double if it is off the chain)

When Rod refers to FOX as “Big FOX.”

When Rod says that a pitcher is throwing “itty bitty ones.”

When the footage of Justin Verlander and Trevor Thompson getting doused with Gatorade after Verlander’s second no-hitter is shown

When Rod refers to Justin Verlander’s Taco Bell diet

Whenever Rod incorrectly uses the word “literally.”

When Rod talks about how Torii Hunter is mentoring Austin Jackson. (H/T@mikegervais)

When Rod talks about how getting Victor Martinez back (if he is injured) is like acquiring an All-Star. (H/T@mikegervais)

Whenever cotton candy is mentioned.

Whenever Rod describes his (or anybody else’s) physique as being “puffy.” (Drink double if he talks about Joba Chamberlain’s body)

When Rod asks Mario if he got his workout in this morning (double if it’s a home game). (H/T @bisonmessink)

When Rod mentions another happening with another Detroit sports team (drink double if he suggests one of their players could help the club and/or if one of their players took BP with the team)

8 DRINKS ————————————————

When Rod references his time with the 84 Tigers, take as many drinks as hits (8) that he had with the 84 Tigers.

Whenever Rod describes a player’s spin move as a “pirouette”

When showing the fans, you spot a Rod Allen poster where he is dressed up as Luigi. (double if on the road)

Whenever Rod makes the statement “some kind of _____.” (IE: Some kind of smooth)

When Rod references Mario’s “fancy” education or large pay checks.

When Rod calls for the suicide squeeze.

When Rod says, “game within the game.”

If Rod or Mario make a reference to Jim Leyland’s smoking habit (finish your drink if this leads to general silliness).

Whenever Rod uses a malapropism. (H/T ewigginton)

Whenever Rod references his playing time in Japan.

10 DRINKS ———————————————

When Rod says that a broken bat “died a hero” on a hit.

When Rod openly questions a decision made by Ausmus (finish your drink if Ausmus has been ejected and Rod is questioning acting manager).

When Rod says the Tigers are “beatin’ on the (opposing pitcher) like he stole something!”

When Rod says a player is “stylin’ and profling.”

When Rod says “get on with your bad self!”

When Rod says “buggy whipped.”

Whenever a Tigers player gets a shaving cream pie to the face in a post-game interview.

12 DRINKS ——————————————

Anytime Rod offends a specific race of people. (H/T @andrewschreck)

When Rod mentions Kate Upton (drink 15 if he mentions her as “Ms. Upton” and/or while talking about her relationship with Justin Verlander) (H/T @GrantChilds)

When Rod and Mario dress up for the Tigers’ promotional theme day and FOX shows it (see image)

When Rod gets left hanging on-air [H/T IASID]

When Rod mentions Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake and/or Justin Bieber

20 DRINKS ——————————————

When the footage of Rod charging the mound in Japan is shown (15 if it’s only referenced).

When Rod mentions the “Rod Allen Drinking Game” on the air or on twitter. (Double if he mentions Detroit4lyfe)


Two drinks may be had when Rod and/or Mario display general silliness. This rule can be applied in group or in individual play and can be declared before the game or invoked when the silliness occurs. General silliness can be loosely interpreted, as that’s why it’s not technically part of the rules. Experienced players will recognize this activity, which can include stepping over the play-by-play with yelps, screams or any array of noises, use of non-words, abundant laughing, or appearing overly giddy.

*Play responsibly, my friends. 

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